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TIPS AND TRICKS  |  NOV 15, 2022


With trends coming and going at a faster pace, try not to miss the mark and lose yourself in the clout. From adding new heights to your formal fits with the hottest branded kicks to toddlers wearing trainers, it's safe to say the future of footwear is funky and has made its way into new territory. Rather hit the ground running and rev up the runway the right way at these sneaker stores in Cape Town

We have all had those risky style-less moments; you know which ones. Where the colleague you can’t stand steps into the boardroom and serves looks, while you haven't found the passion to show off your fashion in a while. This is your sign to break free from footwear don'ts and step into the new you. We encourage everyone to find their fleek with a new set of spoil-yourself “sneaks”.

Lead the trail with the stores that give your fashion more. Feel fresh with Footgear’s latest branded deals and fall in love with your new look. Rebrand your collection with the coolest shoes and accessories at the best prices, guaranteed to kick-start your creativity and put your best foot forward with the style of your dreams. 


We’re walking in the footsteps of our local footwear specialists, and Bathu is the best for homegrown goodness. If you’re looking for a brand with a bang that won’t break the bank, look no further than Bathu. Take a step in the right direction and set your own trend with locally manufactured sneakers that are designed with you in mind.  

If you haven’t taken a peek into Tekkie Town, you can’t style with us! They have found a way to bring the best footwear faves for the whole family. Turn that frown upside down at Tekkie Town and get your tekkie treats and more at the place that does it all. 

Shop international 

Step into the sole of British street style with Office London. Shop their range of branded sneakers for hers, his and even kicks for the kids. There is nothing stopping you from living your cosmopolitan lifestyle and copping trends from across the pond. 

All-Star styling 

With a brand worth a bang and then some, Converse has been bringing consistent style since 1908, and they’re still chock full of Chucks and changing the game. Shop their fan favs or find your flavour with the freshest designs. Dress them up, dress them down – these sneakers are guaranteed to remove any frown! Whether you like your sneakers high or low, stick with the brand that stays on top.

Ode to sneakerheads 

Enter your it-girl era this sneaker season and shop your fullest fantasy. Get on the trainer trend with Sportscene. Whether you need Nike or are jonesing for an Adidas, shoot your shot at the shop worth a lot. Shop the collection of your sneaker dreams at Sportscene. From seasonal wardrobes to personality changes, they’ve got what you need and then some! Steal hearts and grab gasps as you step up every room you walk into. With the hottest brands and coolest accessories at your disposal, there is nothing stopping you from bringing the heat to the sneaker scene this summer. 

Hone in on the hottest Nike footwear, apparel and accessories for this and every season by shopping smarter without the fuss of fashion faux pas. Sneakers of all sorts and the freshest street style can be found at the Nike Live concept store at Canal Walk Shopping Centre. Put your best foot first and step into a brand that is kicking it with the times. This is evident with their sleek designs and incredible comfort, built for you to Just Do It at your best by wearing the best. If you’re putting your pedal to the metal, Canal Walk is jam-packed and well stocked and stacked full of Jordans of every style, colour and perfect for chilling with your crew or hitting the town like a pro.

Since 1966, customers have been expressing themselves through Vans’ Off The Wall experience. They have transcended being just a fashion and footwear brand, and are now a phenomenon that customers the world over relate to and resonate with. Their diverse range of shoes represents living life to the fullest and shopping footwear, sneakers and slides that will help you along any journey. Vans are durable, comfortable and, better yet, they embrace a creative approach, which is appealing to customers from all walks of life. Get yours at Canal Walk Shopping Centre, and go Off The Wall from head to toe. 

Shimmy and shake into your fate with Archive’s footwear bait. With the hottest collection of sneakers, trainers, slides and assorted accessories, they’re your perfect fit to keep your style lit. 

You’re invited to live the exclusive lifestyle of your dreams; shop Archive today. 

Shop affordability 

Tired of breaking the bank to bring the looks? Save yourself the stress and shop the latest steals to turn heads with ease this summer. Canal Walk is all about finding the right fit to get you from boring to branded. 

Haven’t you heard where all the cool kids are copping their Insta-worthy sneakers? The secret’s out; they’re upgrading their outfits at Sneaker Factory. Don’t wait until you’re balling to get your new kicks. With their deals and steals to put you in your feels, you can step into your fullest self this sneaker season. 

There is a fever for fashion in the air, and we think you’ve caught it. Step into Street Fever, Canal Walk today to hold it down with your styling homies and stand out, as you should! There are endless deals and aisles for miles filled with the sneakers of your dreams.  

Final footer 

With all these options to choose from, kick last season’s sneakers to the curb. Hurry to Canal Walk Shopping Centre to find the shoe of your dreams. Step out in style with the latest sneaker trends and athleisure footwear at Canal Walk Shopping Centre.

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