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Healthy Foods that Still Beat the Comfort Craving

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  JUL 26, 2022


As professional foodies, we can’t help but introduce you to some of our favourite meals. We too are guilty of going a little overboard with our ‘treat yourself’ mindset. Have you noticed how we are much more inclined to crave sugary, greasy and rich delights over nutrient-dense and whole foods? Well, we can’t blame ourselves.

After all, processed foods are packed with high fats and refined carbs that make our brains go nuts! We easily fall into the trap of processed food. It can be a vicious cycle at times. You treat yourself once to a box of eclairs, then you begin to associate food with reward, and so goes the pattern of constantly craving sugary treats. Luckily for us, gone are the days of boring salads and boiled chicken as the forefront of a healthy diet. Today we have a mountain of healthy options to help us make better choices.

There is nothing wrong with indulging in some warm Cinnabon rolls after a stressful day at work or treating yourself to some cheesy fries to beat PMS cravings. But we have found the most delicious healthy treats that might just beat comfort cravings. So if you’re looking to make healthier decisions, we got you covered with our all-day healthy option guide.

Joyful Breakfast

Good morning, sunshine! You simply can’t conquer the world without B-Fast. Kiss your cravings goodbye with these mouth-watering breakfast ideas:

Now Now 

Bonjour cherie, start off the day with something worth waking up to. Now Now offers you their warm Pain au Chocolat, a french buttery sweet pastry similar to a croissant, filled with semi-sweet dark chocolate. They are freshly baked in-house, so you’re guaranteed to have them fresh and warm. Woolworths are champions at utilising fresh and wholesome ingredients in their products, and Now Now by Woolworths definitely proves that in their pastries. The French would certainly be proud!


Food is the way to our hearts, or whatever Shakespeare said. This meal is nothing short of hearty. The Supercharged Oats from SweetBeet is a warm way to start the day. Topped with caramelised bananas, peanut butter, coconut shavings and chia seeds–this bowl of goodness is an instant energy booster that will keep you full and happy for longer.


Maybe you’re a little more on the savoury side this morning. If that’s the case, Kauai is the perfect spot to place your breakfast order. The protein breakfast wrap is a great choice if you’re trying to reach all your micro and macronutrient goals for the day. On a bed of wholewheat or regular wrap, there are free-range scrambled eggs, free-range beef sausage, rosa tomatoes, red pepper, cream cheese, baby spinach and Kauai’s yummy Chipotle chilli. We also love Pesto Mushroom Toast–cream cheese, pesto, sauteed mushrooms, rosa tomatoes, and feta cheese on a low-GI or rye toast.

Snack Attack 

If you are feeling a little hungry between meals, maybe it’s time for a snack. We won’t judge if you decide to go with chips or sweets, but in case you want something light and nourishing, check out these options:


While you’re at Kauai, grab their house-brand biltong for a salty afternoon snack or their vegan-friendly Keto Protein Bar for a healthy boost.

Vida e Caffè 

A good snack doesn’t have to be filled with additives to be enjoyable. We love the yoghurt granola cups at Vida e Caffè. Between the blueberry option or honey and cranberry option, the choice is yours if you want freshness in a cup as a yummy treat.

Canal Walk Lunch Club 

Keen to join us for lunch? Lunch means you’re already halfway through your day. By now, if you’ve opted for our healthy recommendations, you should be feeling upbeat instead of sluggish. To keep up the momentum, try out our lunch club gems:

Woolworths Cafe 

Stop by Woolworths Cafe for soul food that is sure to hit all the right spots. The Gourmet Dog is a German-style hotdog with bockwurst sausage, sauerkraut, homemade chipotle tomato sauce, crispy onions and chips. It is definitely not a low-calorie meal, but it is made of fresh ingredients, which makes it the perfect alternative to your traditional hotdog.

Another option for our vegetarian buds is the Beyond Burger. A plant-based patty inside a toasted brioche bun, topped with mature cheddar, onions, pickled cucumber and mayo.

A Beasty Feast  

Canal Walk is home to a few of Cape Town’s best dinner locales, AND you are sure to find something that will tick all your boxes as far as health consciousness and tastiness goes. ‘Wine’ down with a glass of red or white paired with these gourmet dishes.

Cape Town Fish Market 

Bring the taste of the ocean on your plate at Cape Town Fish Market with the Teriyaki Salmon. This is a fillet of salmon pan-seared and blanketed with Japanese teriyaki sauce. Have it with a side of savoury rice, green salad or vegetables for a wholesome dinner.

Their Signature sushi platter is also a must for those who want extra Omega 3 fats as a treat for the body.


Pasta lovers, Tashas is here to save the day. For a vegan spaghetti choice, the Zucchini Rosa is freshness-meets-comfort food. The meal is made of zucchini spaghetti with roasted cherry tomatoes, red onions, capers, olives, baby spinach, Napoletana sauce and crispy chilli mushrooms. We can’t not tell you about the Creamy Pesto made of chicken, mushrooms, creamy pesto, sundried tomato and white wine.

Health is Wealth

Healthy choices are made easy at these health food shops in Cape Town. In fact, you will find out that some of our healthy treats will kick unhealthy cravings to the curb.

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