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Feeding The Fam? Check Out These Tasty Airfyer Recipe

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  JUL 20, 2023


You know the saying “not all heroes wear capes”? They were talking about airfyrers. Thanks to the lovely genius that invented airfryers, it is not super easy and practically hassle-free to cook some of your favourite meals. With airfryers, the possibilities are endless, making it the perfect kitchen appliance to add to your collection. 

First Timer? We Got You 

Choosing the ideal airfryer for you and your family can be a taunting experience. You need to consider things such as size, brand, and capabilities. While some airfryers allow you to bake full cakes, others can only fit a few fries, so make sure you do your research before making your purchase. A great place to start is Game. Game has a selection of airfryers for you to browse from. Game also offers some reliable brands at affordable prices, plus has a range of airfryer accessories, like liners and bases, that you can choose from. 

Another great store that is guaranteed to have exactly what you need is Yuppiechef. Yuppiechef is one of the most well-known kitchen appliance stores in Cape Town and, without a doubt, has a wide selection of airfryers for you to choose from. Whether you want the perfect colour to fit your home or one used specifically for baking, Yuppiechef has your back. 

Remember to really take your time and consider all the uses of an airfryer before making your final purchase. If you have a small family or you’re just getting one for yourself, opting for a smaller-sized airfryer might be perfect, but if you intend to feed a family of 5 or more, definitely go for the bigger options. One of our favourite home appliance stores in Cape Town that stocks the best airfryers is Hometronics. Hometronics is an affordable and reliable store where you can choose from their many different-sized airfryers. 

Once you’ve got the equipment and read all the instructions (which we highly recommend), you are ready to start cooking up some restaurant-quality meals!

What’s On The Menu? 

The best part about having an airfryer is that you can make just about anything in it. From chocolate chip cookies to steaks, you can make just about anything (just not at the same time, though, that might be a disaster). One of our all-time favourite airfryer recipes is the classic Chicken Parmesan! All you need to do is pop a juicy piece of crumbed chicken, with some marinara sauce and grated cheese on top, throw it into the airfryer for the suggested amount of time, and you have a gourmet meal ready to serve with a side of noodles.  You can grab all these ingredients fresh from your grocery store in Cape Town, Pick n Pay

Airfryers are cooking made simple, so simple that even kids can use them. So if you have a kid(s) that enjoys cooking and baking, an airfryer is a safer way for you to let them explore their passion. We do, however, recommend that you still supervise them when they’re chefing it up though.  

A fun and simple recipe that is perfect for kids to try is airfryer brownies. You can get the same crispy outside and gooey centre with half the hassle. Just mix some flour, cocoa, chocolate chips, and everything you need, pop into your airfryer, follow the baking instructions, and before you know it, your space will be smelling like heaven. Grab all your ingredients at Checkers in Canal Walk Shopping Centre, and let the tasty fun begin. Don’t forget to grab some liners for your airfryer to cut your cleaning time in half so that you can bake anything your heart desires. 

Final Words

Cooking for your family has honestly never been this easy; airfyrers allow us to make gourmet, restaurant-type meals in less time with less hassle. You can even just pop a few chicken strips or fries from your favourite supermarket in Cape Town,  into your new airfryer, and your kids' lunch is sorted. So grab yourself an airfryer soon and simplify your cooking experience.

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