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Bring Blockbuster Entertainment Home With Tech Upgrades



Create an at-home cinematic experience by upgrading your entertainment system. Watch blockbuster movies in HD quality and the best sound with Canal Walk Shopping Centre. Home to some of the best home appliance stores in Cape Town, we’ve got your home entertainment system covered. From gamers to tech geeks to movie lovers, there is something to keep everyone entertained.  

From the Red Carpet to your Living Room 

Lights, camera… wait this isn’t the movies? Watch the latest blockbuster movies from the comfort of your favourite couch! There have been a lot of new Hollywood movies coming out recently and unfortunately, not everyone has the time to enjoy them in the cinema, but never fear, Canal Walk Shopping Centre has got you covered. Shop the latest home entertainment system at Incredible Connection, and watch all your favourites in high-definition quality. Sound is very important when it comes to the cinematic experience, so upgrade to the newest soundbar and you’d swear the action was happening right there in your home.

Looking to add a few inches to your screen? Check out the wide variety of televisions at Game. From smart TV’s that come equipped with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and many other streaming services, all you need to do is log in and get ready to get your chill on. If you already have a TV and just need a way to get your Netflix setup going, Game and Incredible Connection also have a selection of media boxes and streaming devices you can use to create what can only be understood as an immersive movie experience right there in your home. 

Gamers Paradise 

Let us paint the picture for you; you wake up one morning or afternoon (we know the gamers need their sleep after a long night of gaming until 4am) to realise you deserve an upgrade! There’s no better place for an upgrade than BT Games, also known as gamer’s heaven. From the newest gaming consoles to the latest games, BT Games has everything a gamer can dream of. Finally completed the game you’ve been struggling with for months now? Trade it in and get a new one to keep you entertained. Need to top up on V-Bucks? They’ve got you covered! Gaming at home has never been this easy. 

We know that many skilled gamers prefer gaming on a PC, and Computer Mania is here to see to all your PC gaming needs. Upgrade your gaming setup by adding more RAM, or maybe you need a new headset. Shop from the best quality computer accessories and hardware, at the best prices and turn your gaming setup into something you could only have dreamed of! 

Apple vs Android? We Love them Both! 

Keeping the whole family entertained is not the easiest job these days, everyone seems to have their own favourite show, movie preference or game that they want to play. Samsung is here to help;  with a wide range of phones, tablets and TVs, there is guaranteed to be an option for everyone to choose from. 

Pay a visit to the iStore and turn any TV into a cinematic entertainment system with Apple TV, Netflix and chilling has never been this easy. iPads, iPhones and Apple watches – they have it all. iStore also offers repairs on Apple devices that need some TLC or an upgrade. Keeping the whole family entertained doesn’t have to be a difficult task anymore, with the help of Canal Walk Shopping Centre.

Final Words 

There are so many options for home entertainment that you won’t know what to choose from, and the best part is, it’s all under one roof! Blockbuster entertainment is made simple and effective for you and your family. All you need to worry about is getting your popcorn ready and prepare for endless hours of movies, series, and games!

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