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Beach Bodies are Built All Year Round



No matter the time of year, it is never too late to get your fitness journey started! Forget Googling “How to get a summer body?” and let’s get started on the many different ways you can get fit and get your beach body ready! At Canal Walk Shopping Centre, we have everything you need to get your fitness journey started.

Beach Body Bootcamp 

Beach bodies are not built overnight; it will take time and commitment for you to reach your ideal body goals, but first, you need to establish exactly what your goals are. Setting realistic goals for yourself will keep you motivated on your journey, guaranteeing that you will have the beach body of your dreams in no time! 

Once your goals are set, it's time to focus on finding the kinds of workouts you enjoy doing. For example, there is weightlifting, cardio, callistetics, playing sports and many other things. At Sportsmans Warehouse in Canal Walk Shopping Centre, there is a wide variety of athletic products that will help you start living an active lifestyle. From sports equipment to heavy-weight bags, Sportsmans Warehouse is the perfect place to start if you are unsure about which direction you want your workouts to go in. You can even ask the trained staff for some beach body wellness tips so you can get your journey going. 

Another great fitness store you can visit is Mr Price Sports. Here, they have a range of sports and exercise products at affordable prices! Grab yourself a yoga mat, a skipping rope, and some weights in your preferred size, and you're ready to get started! 

Get Geared Up! 

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned fitness enthusiast, you can never have too much workout gear. Shorts, tights, and second skins are all ideal pieces of clothing you need to ensure that you’re comfortable while breaking a sweat. 

Visit Nike, one of the leading fitness and lifestyle brands in the world. At Nike, you will find a wide range of high-quality activewear, including tracksuits and accessories like socks and hats, which are ideal for outdoor workouts. Nike also has one of the best ranges of running shoes that will ensure you’re ergonomically safe while getting your fitness on. So, like their slogan suggests, “Just do it” and get your exercise game on! 

With clothing and shoes made specifically for fitness, Adidas is also a great store to get fitness essentials. With an awesome range of running shoes designed to fit your foot comfortably while providing maximum support, Adidas is the perfect store to find your first pair! They have an ULTRABOOST range that is perfect for those who see running as their main form of exercise. 

Overall, you do not need any specific shoes, clothing or equipment to get your beach body going; all you need is determination and goals! 

Food for Thought 

Getting beach body ready is not only about pumping iron and breaking a sweat; it’s also about filling your body with healthy foods that will keep your metabolism and energy levels up! Now, we’re not saying you should start cutting calories and losing weight; we’re saying embrace a healthy diet of delicious greens! 

Visit Wellness Warehouse and shop from the wide range of ingredients and products that are ideal for healthy living. They have a selection of organic protein supplements that you can choose from to fuel your fitness journey. Their enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff are also available to assist you with any health and fitness tips you might need when making your decision. 

If you’re looking for a quick bite before or after your workout, we suggest Sweetbeet. Grab a protein smoothie and a hearty breakfast to fuel your body before a workout, or get a coffee and wrap to replace all the calories you’ve burnt after. Sweetbeet is associated with Vida e Caffe, so you know their coffee will taste great when you’re refuelling. 

One More Rep 

In all honesty, the most difficult part of every fitness journey and achieving your beach body goals is simply getting started. With the help of Canal Walk Shopping Centre, we encourage you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone and get your blood pumping. Beach bodies are built all year round, so let’s go! 

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