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1. What is the centre doing to save water?

We have implemented a number of measures, which have resulted in the centre using significantly less water. These include the following:

  • Introduction of hand sanitiser as an alternative to using water in the bathrooms.
  • Switching off taps, with the exception of one, in the communal bathrooms.
  • Aerators installed on taps to reduce flow.
  • Auto-closing taps have been installed.
  • Flushing times on toilets have been reduced where possible.
  • Water to urinals has been turned off and they are being manually cleaned.
  • Individual store meters have been installed and are read daily to track consumption and highlight any anomalies or high-usage,
  • which can be addressed immediately.
  • Non-potable water is used to wash plant rooms and waste yards where possible.
  • Irrigation systems only use excess non-potable water, and watering times have been reduced to a bare minimum.
  • Constant monitoring of the consumptive and pressure data, which is gathered through smart water meters installed on the main water supply lines to the centre. Viewed remotely, the data provides real time feedback better aiding water management, monitors leaks and the overall operation.
  • Reducing demand – Water-saving tips and initiatives are promoted to the public in the restrooms and throughout the centre to encourage conscious water-saving behaviour.
  • Ongoing awareness campaigns and communications have been implemented, to educate tenants and staff about reducing usage and encouraging them to report transgressions or leaks.
2. Have any other initiatives been planned to reduce water usage even further?

Going forward, significant capital expenditure has been approved to implement further measures and ensure the Centre will remain fire compliant and that toilets and basic operational systems will continue to function. These include the following:

  • The project has commenced to use non-potable water in the HVAC cooling towers, for evaporation cooling.
  • The treatment and reticulation of non-potable water for use in the toilets has commenced.
  • Bulk storage tanks will be installed to provide an adequate buffer supply of potable water in the event that we are not receiving supply from the City.
  • Pumps and other infrastructure will be installed to the storage tanks to ensure the building remains fire compliant in the event of water shedding or reduced pressure on the city systems.
  • Water flow alarms and further meters will be installed to allow real time monitoring of consumption by major water users.
  • Boreholes have been commissioned to augment water supply where possible to the Centre.
3. Will Canal Walk switch off the taps in the bathrooms?

Hand sanitiser dispensers are being used as an alternative to washing with water. However, we have switched off all taps, with the exception of one per communal bathrooms. We also need to be considerate towards those who have sensitive skin and skin disorders and who are unable to use sanitiser.  We do ask our customers to please use the sanitisers where possible as a first choice.

4. Why are you not telling customers not to flush?

We are in the process of moving our toilet flushing system over to a grey water system. the centre also needs to make sure that it is compliant to all health regulation standards. Water to urinals has been turned off and they are being manually cleaned.

5. Why do toilets flush so long?

Flushing times on toilets have been reduced where possible. The Flush Masters have been adjusted to minimum flow settings.

6. What are the plans and how will the centre operate if we hit Day Zero?

Storage tanks will be installed to provide an adequate buffer supply of potable water, should we hit Day Zero. Non-potable water will be used in the building’s toilets and air conditioning systems. Pumps and other infrastructure linking to the Centre’s fire system will be installed to our storage tanks to ensure the building is fire compliant and will allow the centre to operate as normal.

7. How much water does Canal Walk Shopping Centre use on a daily basis and how much has it saved?

We are currently using approximately 580kl of water a day.  Water consumption will be further reduced once the current water saving initiatives are complete.

8. What water is being used to clean the public areas at Canal Walk Shopping Centre?

Non-potable water is used to clean the public areas and waste yards. Our cleaning contractors and staff are also reducing the amount of water they use, with for example, refuse bins being manually cleaned. Staff are also regularly trained and monitored to ensure they maintain cleanliness and water-wise practices.

9. What water are the car washes using and can they continue to operate?

The car wash at Canal Walk is waterless.

10. Where does the water come from for the irrigation and will watering continue?

The irrigation on the outside of Canal Walk Shopping Centre is owned and managed by the Century City Property Owners Association. Should you need any further information regarding this area please contact them on (021) 552 6689.

Essential irrigation at Canal Walk makes use of non-potable water. Automatic irrigation has been turned off and the period of time over which the watering occurs, has been reduced to a bare minimum.

11. Will Canal Walk Shopping Centre continue to host events?

Yes. None of the events that are staged at the centre – either by the centre itself or outside third parties – are water intensive.

12. Will Canal Walk Shopping Centre change its operating hours?

No. It is important to continue trading as normal, just more mindfully and as far as possible, responsibly.

13. How can we be kept informed about what Canal Walk Shopping Centre is doing?

At present, the situation is changing almost on an hourly and daily basis as far as when and if ‘Day Zero’ will happen. However, whether it happens or not, we have taken steps to be a responsible water user going forward.
Our website, social media channels and newsletters (please sign up), will give regular updates.
If you have any information or tips you would like to share with us, we encourage that too, as we are all working towards the same goal.

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