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Ensuring that the centre is managed in an environmentally responsible manner, reducing both energy consumption and waste, as well as re-using and recycling wherever possible, is a major priority for Canal Walk Shopping Centre.

Using new energy-efficient technologies and clever initiatives, Canal Walk is remaining green and reducing its carbon footprint. By utilising energy-efficient electronic ballasts, green ‘lighter’ roofing, glass glazing, efficient insulation, grey water structures for irrigation, monitoring systems and monitoring hazardous waste produced (i.e. fats, oils and grass management) by tenants and ensuring the correct processes are complied within the disposal thereof to name a few innovations; Canal Walk strives to bring eco-savvy shopping to you. Furthermore the centre cleans urinals every half an hour, therefore, no flushing mechanisms are in place and installed aerators to reduce water and reduced volumes of water used on toilet flushers.

The City of Cape Town have implemented level 5 water restrictions, and with a dry summer season ahead we have been advised that the City may implement level 6 and 7 in the near future.  To this effect the centre is busy with a crises management plan considering variable solutions to immediately reduce water consumption by 20% – looking at three key areas; fire preparedness (in event of insufficient water) / tenants usage (to reduce by 20%) / consumer usage (toilets are primary user of potable water) / other ways to save and reduce water consumption through chiller plants / waste yards etc.

We aim to educate our tenants and consumers in-centre to ‘THINK WATER’ and be conscious of their water consumption and the reduction measures in place.

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Canal Walk Shopping Centre is involved with numerous CSI projects, which include the CANSA Shavathon, WP Blood Transfusion, Cupcakes for CANSA and so much more.

Since 2006, we have sponsored office space to Reach for a Dream, which is located on the 5th floor in the East Office Tower. Reach For A Dream fulfills the dreams of children between the ages of 3 and 18 who have been diagnosed as having a life-threatening illness.

To celebrate Madiba’s legacy, we invite members of the public and corporates to donate their 67 minutes at the centre on Mandela Day. In 2016 and 2017, we supported LEAP Science and Maths no-fee schools to feed the minds and bodies of the less fortunate. A mosaic of Nelson Mandela was constructed with food cans, which was donated to these schools.

We host a biannual Golf Day and the proceeds raised is donated to a charity, Ikamva Labantu. The organisation works in disadvantaged communities and place enormous importance on Early Childhood Development, which lays the foundation of a child’s future learning.

Each December we have two gift wrapping stations in-centre to assist customers. All proceeds are donated to Reach for a Dream. Throughout the year, we assist schools and charity organisations in the Western Cape with their fundraising efforts.

Canal Walk encourages all visitors to participate in our various CSI initiatives and to have heart; as we aim to support all our communities.