Parking and Security


There are over 8000 parking bays available at Canal Walk, with more than half of them being undercover; perfect if you’re looking for a shady spot to park your car and escape the African sun.

When you visit Canal Walk, you’ll find priority parking for both disabled individuals and parents with children, located conveniently at all main entrances.

Pay stations are located at all of Canal Walk’s exits for your convenience. You’ll also find parking management attendants around all of our parking areas, who are fully equipped for basic roadside assistance onsite when needed.

For any further information please contact the Parking Office.

Parking tariffs

To make use of our drop & go parking period, take a parking ticket at the boom upon entry and insert the ticket at the exit boom when you leave (do not go to the pay station).

0 - 2 Hours
2 - 5 Hours
5 - 6 Hours
6 - 7 Hours
7 - 8 Hours
8 - 9 Hours
9 - 12 Hours
12+ Hours
Lost ticket

Parking payment methods

We offer a variety of convenient payment methods to pay for parking, which include:

  1. Zapper: just before leaving, scan the QR code on your parking ticket and pay using the Zapper app, to skip the queue.
  2. Card: pay at the pay stations using your debit or credit card by inserting your card or tapping to pay.
  3. Cash: pay at the pay stations using coins and notes.
  4. Discount coupon: scan the QR code on your Pick n Pay or Cape Union Mart Adventure Centre till slip at the pay station for the discount to apply.

Steps to pay using Zapper

Download the Zapper app for Apple or Android and register. 

STEP 1: When you're ready to leave, open your Zapper app and tap SCAN

STEP 2: Scan the QR code on your parking ticket

STEP 3: Zapper will automatically calculate your required payment value, tap PAY to finalise your transaction

STEP 4: Once the transaction is successfully complete, tap DONE and insert your parking ticket at the boom to exit

Long-term parking with ParkUpp

For convenient & affordable, long-term parking, book at ParkUpp. Located on the Mezzanine Level, between Entrance 2 & 3, available for R750 per month - find out more.


The security of our shoppers and stores is incredibly important to us, and we work closely with leading security experts to identify the latest crime trends and security threats to ensure that we are fully prepared to handle these situations, should they arise.

Extensive security measures are in place at Canal Walk, including 24-hour closed circuit television, bicycle patrollers, and patrols by uniformed and undercover guards on-foot, all supported by an intervention response team. Canal Walk also fosters strong relationships with SAPS and Crime Intelligence Units, from whom we obtain all the latest information we need to regularly assess security preparedness and ensure the centre’s safety.

Fidelity Security Services provides a safe and enjoyable shopping experience to all of our visitors. They are a well-established and respected company with security personnel who are all well-versed in keeping you safe while you enjoy your time at Canal Walk. Officers who are coached in public relations cheerfully deal with shoppers, and provide general information and directions to your favourite stores, while also observing and reporting on their surroundings.

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