Blood Donor Drive

Blood Donor Drive

15 Sep - 17 Sep 2021


10:00 - 14:45


Entrance 10, Canal Walk Shopping Centre



You have the power to save lives - volunteer to donate blood at the Western Cape Blood Service pop-up clinic.

Dates: 15-17 September, 20-22 October, 10-12 November & 15-17 December. 

Time: 10:00am to 14:45pm

Venue: Entrance 10

The Western Cape Blood Service is a non-profit, independent organisation operating throughout the Western Cape, to supply safe blood and blood products to all communities in the region.

You can sign up to donate blood on the day at the mobile clinic and will be required to complete a questionnaire to receive the all-clear. You will not be able to donate unless you have eaten a substantial meal three to four hours before donation.

You will donate approximately 475ml of blood, with the entire donation process taking about 20-30 minutes, questionnaire and pre-examination included. The actual donation takes only ten minutes.

Donate and WIN

All new blood donors stand a chance to win 2 tickets to a SANPARK venue in the Western Cape. 

Donate blood and receive a seedling pot. 


Be between 16 - 75 years old: You can still donate if you're over 74 and are otherwise healthy, but we'll need your physician's consent.

Weigh more than 50kgs: Blood volume is measured in relation to body weight; a small  framed person has less blood volume than a bigger framed person. The donation of 475ml will therefore be a much bigger blood volume loss for a small framed person.

Be healthy on the day of donation: Blood from a sick or medicated donor could impact negatively on the recipient. You will not be able to become a donor if you had jaundice or hepatitis after the age of 13, or if you've had cancer, heart disease, epilepsy, or a bleeding disorder.

Lead a safe lifestyle: Things that are considered risky include drugs, multiple sexual partners, and tattoos or piercings done in the past six months. For your own safety you won't be able to donate blood if you are a competitive sportsperson training for a big event.

Before heading off to the clinic, read through the list of things that might make you temporarily ineligible to donate blood.

Find other FAQ's here.

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