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Your Skin Doesn’t Have To Suffer Visit Wellness Stores



When the seasons change, it is often our skin and immune systems that struggle to keep up. But this no longer has to be a problem, because at Canal Walk Shopping Centre, we’ll keep you prepared for any surprises the elements might throw at you. Let's talk about some tips and stores to make sure your skin and immune system will be strong and glowing all year long.

You Need a Boost? We’ve Got A Boost

Recently, there has been a buzz around the process of IV vitamins and boosters, and the effects it has on the human body. For years, professional athletes and celebrities have been promoting the idea of IV boosters, and they are now available to everyone. At IV Bar in Canal Walk, they offer a variety of different boosters and vitamins that provide many different benefits to your health and well-being. IV therapy includes benefits such as helping with anxiety, curing hangover symptoms, cleansing the body of toxins, and many more. Your body absorbs the vitamins as it enters your body through your bloodstream. 

Daily supplements are also an ideal way for you to ensure your immune system is getting the nutrients it needs to fight off any harm that comes its way. Visit Dis-Chem, where you can find a range of different supplements and vitamins that suit your body and your budget. With their affordable options, Dis-Chem makes staying healthy easy. Also located in Canal Walk, is Clicks, which has everything you need in terms of health and wellness. From protein supplements to everyday immune boosters, Clicks has a wide variety of options to accommodate each member of your family.  These health stores in Cape Town are some of the most reliable and affordable stores you can find. 

It’s All About Skincare 

Harsh weather changes are one of the leading reasons why our skin suffers, and we all know how unpredictable the weather is these days. Because skin is sensitive and everyone is so different from one another, it is not always easy to find the skincare routine that fits your needs. At The Body Shop, they have a skincare range that considers all skin types and with the help of the well-trained staff you are guaranteed to find what you need to ensure that your skin stays glowing. 

Another great store that is all about promoting good health and wellness is Wellness Warehouse. Wellness Warehouse is every health guru’s dream store. Everything in the store, from special teas to skin-friendly cleaning detergents, is meant to promote excellent health. So if you're looking to begin your journey in skincare and wellness, then Wellness Warehouse is a perfect place to start. 

Have A Lot On Your Plate? Let Us Help 

Sometimes all your body really needs is to wind down and relax these beauty salons in Cape Town, are here to help! A good massage or relaxing spa day can do miracles for your mind and body, taking some time for yourself is an ideal way to make certain that you are staying healthy. Century Spa in Canal Walk is the perfect place for all your spa therapy needs. Their offers include: 

  • Swedish Massages
  • Hot Stone Massages
  • Reflexology 
  • Deep Tissue Massages
  • Full Body Exfoliation 
  • Facials, and more

Visit Jessie’s Chinese Massage for a unique massage experience. Jessie’s Chinese Massage is one of the best-reviewed massage parlours in Century City, offering a range of different kinds of massages. Each massage focuses on different areas of the body, creating an experience that is tailored to each individual. They offer vouchers which are perfect if you wish to treat one of your loved ones to a relaxing experience. So if you’re looking to wind down and relax, Jessie’s Chinese Massage is effective and affordable.

Final Words 

Don’t let your skin and body suffer during this unpredictable time, and ensure that you stay healthy with Canal Walk Shopping Centre. Visit health stores in cape town.

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