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When you’re expecting a baby, you’re in for much preparation, and one main challenge is the nursery. Of course, a baby won’t necessarily understand or appreciate your efforts. But as a parent-to-be, it’s your responsibility to create a calming, happy and healthy living environment for your baby. So, making sure that the nursery looks beautiful and welcoming is the number one priority. 

While it can be overwhelming, it can also be tons of fun! To make things easier, you have to plan everything ahead of time. Start by jotting down ideas on baby nursery decor and narrow down your options. To ensure that you curate a perfect nursery for your baby, we’re sharing a guide with shops to visit at Canal Walk Shopping Centre to ensure that your baby room ideas for a girl or baby room ideas for a boy come to life!

Kid's Emporium - children's boutique

Kids Emporium stays on top of current global trends to deliver only the best of kids’ products. They have different types of fun cots, toy storage, colourful and printed linen as well as geometric stuffed animals. When you visit the store in Canal Walk, be confident that you’ll get everything you need. 

Mr Price Home - Homeware Store

When you’re looking for the best value for your money, think about Mr Price Home! It’s one of the best home decor shops in Cape Town that has sections dedicated to kids and babies, where you’ll find quality decor items. Whether you’re in search of neutral nursery ideas for a girl or boy, you’re guaranteed to find trendy pieces. 

One of the biggest current trends is going bold with colour. Browse the store, and you’ll notice that they have bright lamp sets, runners, and wall clocks to incorporate in the baby room design. Pay Mr Price Home a visit to view and purchase your options!

Woolworths - Department Store

Woolworths is a one-stop-shop where you can find baby clothes, shoes, and all nursery products that you’ll need. They have a wide selection of decor accessories that you can play with and use to give your baby’s nursery an edge. You can choose girls’ or unisex sleep baskets, sleep aids, changing mats, nappy bins and refills as well as night lights. 

They also have healthcare products, such as thermometers, that are must-haves in any nursery. Pop by Woolworths to get the essentials for your baby!

Build-A-Bear in Toy Kingdom - Kids Toy Store

Giving your nursery a personal touch is a trend that stood the test of time for a reason. Considering that you and your baby will be spending a lot of time at the nursery, it’s only right that it showcases some character. And, adding a unique touch like personalised bears from Build-A-Bear in Canal Walk will do exactly that. Find this toy store at the upper level and closer to entrance seven at the Shopping Centre.

Toys R Us & Babies R Us - Toys and Hobbies Store

As one of the leading toy shops in Cape TownToys R Us & Babies R Us offer a wide range of baby nursery products that will make the room fun, playful and timeless. They have cots, co-sleeper nets, high chairs, nappy bins, nursery organisers, sound sleep systems, and so much more! Just remember to consider longevity as this will likely be your baby’s room for a long time. 

Although you can update decor pieces here and there, you still need to ensure that it looks beautiful and is spacious enough for the days when your baby is crawling and learning to walk. 

Final Thoughts

Preparing for a baby to join you in the real world can be overwhelming. That’s why you have to plan ahead to ensure that everything goes smoothly when the day finally arrives. Especially when it comes to getting the nursery ready. So, use the ideas above to help you get a head-start. Simply visit Canal Walk today to start shopping!

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