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Give your home a vintage spin with these breathtaking stores

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  NOV 18, 2019


Perhaps at this point, you already know how you want to elevate the look of your home, and you’re only searching for inspiration to help you bring your ideas to life. 

Hear us out; there are only a few things that feel more natural as vintage does. It says I am new, but I’ve also always belonged here. Vintage is a beautiful way to give your home a classic revival. Updating your home doesn’t have to be time consuming and expensive. Instead, It should be an enjoyable experience that lets you tap into your creative bone and recreate your home into a modern, cosy and welcoming home.

Everything about updating your home lies in all the little details, starting with the personality you’re trying to create in your home. Think about how the colours, styles and textures of your vintage signature pieces will come together to make a retro statement in your home.

Whether it’s in all the rooms or just a few rooms. Or maybe it’s the lounge that you want to give an old but new uplift. What you need to keep in mind is that your home is an intimate part of you. Everything about it should mirror who you are in the most positive of ways.

Minimal luxe is one simple direction you can go for because it’s subtle, clean and elegant. But don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone, if that’s what your heart desires. A less dramatic mix and match of minimalistic and maximalistic pieces can be exactly what you need to achieve your home makeover dreams.

Canal Walk has several stores where you can get your vintage finds. But to keep things simple, we’ve picked four completely breathtaking shops to help you with your home revival.

Carrol Boyes

Vintage has never been more exciting as it is with the Carrol Boyes brand, one of the most popular décor stores in Cape Town for South African folk. At Carrol Boyes, you’ll find the combination of art and function in all their vintage pieces. When entertaining guests, you can serve them using your newly-bought Carrol Boyes’ Woman In Tub vintage-looking bowls, Take A Bow serviette holders, and Food For Thought oval platter.

Home Etc.

Invest in at least one, two or three vintage items from HOME etc. This is one of those home stores in Cape Town known for their trendy home décor, homeware products from globally renowned brands. If you have an eclectic taste, you’ll feel right at home at this store. Their barware category boasts a durable vintage wine rack selection that fits over 20 wine bottles. 

For decor elements, you can walk away with any of the metal and paper bicycles inspired table clocks or the fireboard and printing wall clocks. Your choices are limitless at HOME etc. 


Decorating with vintage linen is a trend that will never go out of fashion. That’s mostly because vintage linen is durable, high-quality, stylish and practical. This is exactly the type of items you’ll find at the home of linen, Volpes

Whether you prefer a plain and simple design or a dramatic and embroidered piece made from good quality fabrics, you have various options to choose from. Gone are the days where quilts are just for winter warmth; nowadays, quilts add a certain sophisticated personality to your bedroom decor. They come in many designs, patterns and colours, but for the vintage feel, go for a pastel with eye-catching patchwork and your bedroom will be transformed. They also have a wide range of Egyptian cotton, which is considered the most elite, soft and comfortable bed linen. Visit Volpes today to live your best vintage life.

Final Thoughts

Giving your home a vintage facelift can sound like a financial burden that you’re not sure you want to carry. But the change can give you so much joy. It will transform your home to a better version of what it is. Plus, these furniture stores in Cape Town have a wide variety of vintage items and accessories at affordable prices. Use the above information as inspiration, and even better, visit the above stores for more inspiration. The friendly staff at each of these stores have all the knowledge you require to help bring your vision to life.

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