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Vegan and vegetarian-friendly restaurants in Cape Town

FOOD  |  MAY 2, 2019


Restaurants across South Africa are having to adjust their menus to cater to the herbivores of the world. With the growth in plant-based lifestyles, we’re seeing changes in the way the service industry works. And now it’s considered a missed opportunity for eateries in the city not to cater to our health-driven, ethical citizens. Canal Walk may not have restaurants that are strictly for vegans and vegetarians, but many of them do incorporate these options. This way, you can continue to enjoy your favourite health food restaurants without worrying about sticking to your diet.


Brocka is known to have a menu of oversized, meat filled, cheesed up burgers. But fear not, for they cater to the veggies as well! Customers with specific dietary preferences are able to replace their chicken or beef with falafel patties that are just as tasty as their meat options. That way, you can still enjoy their amazing burgers without impacting your diet. And you might like to know that Brocka is also halaal certified.

Brocka has an amazing menu stretching from breakfast to dinner. Enjoy a “Rise n Roll” breakfast burger made especially for vegetarians. And simply requesting to remove any dairy products will make it perfect for vegans too. In fact, their staff would be more than happy to help you make adjustments to any meal that you have your eyes on. If that sounds like a great plan to you, get yourself down to this exclusive Canal Walk diner. Take the opportunity to fall in love with their street-food inspired meals, suitable for anyone and any dietary preference.


Kauai is another favourite with an easy to adjust menu, suitable for vegans and vegetarians. We’ve all grown to love them and their ability to get anyone excited about being healthy. Even meat-eaters can safely say they love their plant-based, dairy-free items. Kauai has recently changed up its menu to include a wider variety of incredible meals made from fresh ingredients that cater to all. There are various gluten-free options, low-carb treats and nutritious meals that have you covered.

They have also introduced new ingredients to their inventory that provide vegans with more meal options. Now you can replace meat and cheese with mushrooms or choose to have almond milk in your next coffee. Try out something from their all-day breakfast menu, enjoy a Plant Power salad or tuck into one of their widely loved wraps. And if you’re looking for a quick fix while on the go, try out their delicious range of smoothies and fresh juices. They are made in a wonderful assortment of flavours and are loaded with vitamins and antioxidants, perfect for a healthy kick-start.


For a healthy meal or a quick snack on the go, Sweetbeet is a great new brand for health food lovers in the Mother City. They pride themselves on providing meals that are created only with ethically sourced produce, and they even serve their takeaway meals and beverages with biodegradable materials.

Their sustainable take on business operations is the reason why this brand quickly became a food favourite. Their menu is comprised of a vast selection of nutritious and delicious meals that are loved by both adults and children. Enjoy meals that cater to every dietary specification, with dairy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options.

Try and test your favourite breakfast bowls, smoothie bowls, salads, or fresh fruit juices. Whatever your taste buds are in the mood for, you can satisfy any food craving the healthy way with Sweetbeet.

The more prominent this ethical, health-driven lifestyle becomes, the more restaurants will continue to pop up for vegans and vegetarians in Cape Town. Get your food fix at Canal Walk with great places that know how to cater to everyone, and know how to do it well.


Tashas is a lovely, modern restaurant with a menu of items that cater to all types of food preferences. They pride themselves on producing dishes that are made with the freshest, organic ingredients that look good and taste great. Vegans and vegetarians can enjoy a variety of meals from their extensive salad menu, quesadillas, warm bowls, and much more.

A great meal doesn’t always require meat or dairy. And with a unique menu that showcases dishes exclusive to Canal Walk, even your average meat-eater is sure to fall in love with it. Tashas vegan and vegetarian options are sure to get anyone excited about a wholesome meal, filled with the nutrients we need on a daily basis. So come down to our very own Tashas branch and enjoy a fantastic meal that will leave you full and fulfilled.

The more prominent this ethical, health-driven lifestyle becomes, the more restaurants will continue to pop up for vegans and vegetarians in Cape Town. Get your food fix at Canal Walk with great places that know how to cater to everyone, and know how to do it well.

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