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Transition your makeup look by season

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  JAN 23, 2020


The transitional season is both exciting and complicated, well, at least on the beauty front! You see the thing is, it’s never easy to come to a decision about whether to completely switch up fully or to ease into the new season’s makeup look. 

We have; however, learnt from makeup pros that it doesn’t necessarily need to be a chaotic switch. The simple trick is to creatively tweak colours and priming bases. For example, if you’re switching to autumn and winter seasons, you’ll need to incorporate richer and darker eyeshadows and lipsticks. So, this means you’ll swap your light pink eye makeup shades for deep plum or purple shades and smokey neutrals. When it comes to lipsticks, you’re looking to choose matte over glossy ones. The same can be said about your foundation; it can be matte or dewy depending on your preference and skin type.  

If you’re switching to spring and summer seasons, you’ll need to think about the atmosphere of spring and summer. Your clothing for these seasons is a lot brighter with additions of patterns and prints, right? So, with your spring and summer makeup, you want to use the same concept by choosing pinks, reds, rose gold, rich orange, metallics, emerald green and neon-brights. You then need to choose water-based makeup foundations for better coverage during the heat. 

Of course, your nails need to match your makeup look and if you haven’t picked up on this new trend, now we’re catching you up. And, just because you will change your eyeshadow to a different colour tomorrow, it doesn’t mean change your nails daily too, but you can find a way to make it work! 

Below, you’ll find a list of beauty stores in Cape Town, where you can get some inspiration. You can also get an item or two to add to your current collection, to help you tweak your transeasonal makeup looks. Another cool factor about these stores is that they have exclusive beauty treatments that are unique to them.

Bobbi Brown

Makeup artist turned entrepreneur, Bobbi Brown created her own line when the lack of matching shades became too frustrating for her. Years later, her brand is one of the leading makeup brands across the globe. At Bobbi Brown, you’re guaranteed to find a colour matching your skin tone for clear balance and long-lasting wear. You can get the brand’s makeup items from the Canal Walk store, with the surety that it matches your skin colour and tone. 


Make-up Art Cosmetics (MAC) began its journey in Canada after the founders (both named Frank) were frustrated that they couldn’t find makeup that worked well on images. Their brand, MAC, expanded to other parts of the world, and today, this makeup store is at the forefront of fashion and setting trends. When you visit this beauty store in Cape Town, you’ll find that the highly qualified artists at the store are more than happy to show you how to transition in a manner that’s tailor-designed according to your specific skin tone and type. They’ll also help you pick the correct transitioning makeup items. 

NYX Professional Make Up

Under the L’Oreal brand, NYX Professional Makeup is a modern makeup store with all the makeup items we see hot off the ramps. No matter your makeup level, you’ll definitely find something that will be a worthy addition to your collection to help you transition better. Their High Glass range has all the dewy and glossy makeup items for autumn and winter transition. They have a fun engraving option, where you’re able to customise the products you buy from them. Go ahead and make your products more you by engraving them so you can personalise your transition!

Edgars Beauty

Edgars Beauty has a variety of beauty brands under its wing; from Estee Lauder, Clinique, Smashbox, Givenchy, Yardley and many more. This gives you a wide range of options to choose your transitioning makeup items from. At Edgars Beauty, you’ll find a special service, ‘create your complexion’, which allows you to customise your ideal transition look. You’ll leave with a flawless face that you’ve also learnt to recreate and switch up thanks to their dedicated makeup crew. 

Final Thoughts

When the seasons’ change, so does our clothing and makeup look. The worst thing you can do is wear florals and neon-bright eyeshadow on a cold winter day. Perhaps, not the worst of worst but our point is, we have to recognise that each season requires its own look. It doesn’t have to be a complicated mess; you can transition easily with these tips above. Visit Canal Walk to get your transition items today!

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