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Tips on how to buy leisure gifts for friends and family

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  NOV 24, 2020


The world is filled with people who love receiving and giving gifts. This is one of the wonderful things about life. Not only because gifts are a sign of love, care, and appreciation but also because they can serve a practical purpose. 

The only major problem with gift-giving is that, sometimes, picking a gift for a loved one can be tricky. Either you have too many options to choose from, or you simply don’t know what gift to buy.

From this moment on, that will be a thing of the past. In this article, we’ll share useful tips on how to choose a gift and where to get gift cards in Cape Town. Let’s get started!

Gift Buying Rules and Etiquette 

Gifting is an art, and getting it right isn’t easy. To be a successful gift giver, you have to follow simple rules. You first need to consider the receiver’s needs, wants, and personality. Some people prefer to be gifted with money, while others prefer vouchers, gift cards, products, or experiences. 

Try to put yourself in the receiver’s shoes; what kind of gift would they consider thoughtful? And what kind of gift would lift their spirits? 

If you don’t want to go shopping blindly, all you have to do is ask them what they would like as a gift. Sometimes, it’s best to give them exactly what they want. This will not only save you time but effort too. Lastly, you have to manage the receiver’s expectations. For example, if you’ve bought a small gift, don’t package it in a large gift bag. 

Now that you’re all set with the rules, read on to find out where to buy gifts they’ll love.

Typo - Gift Store

Typo is a stationery and gift store where you can get anything from homeware to technology for any person in your friends’ squad and family. If you’re searching for unique gift ideas, they also have specific gift bundles you can choose from. These include utility bag sets, commuter bag sets, happy hour sets, and toolbox sets. Be sure to visit Typo in Canal Walk to browse their incredible gift options. 

Yokico - Kids Stationary and Backpacks Store

Yokico is one of the newest kids’ stationery shops in Cape Town that offers a wide selection of stationery, bags, and groovy gadgets such as Bluetooth speakers, headphones, blue pod lights and so much more. Their items are affordable, which makes them a perfect store to pick gifts that won’t break the bank. Make your way to Yokico in Canal Walk to get leisure gifts for her or him.

Exclusive Books - Book Store

Exclusive Books is one of the most popular book stores in Cape Town! They have a wide variety of books in different genres, from biographies to crime, romance, fiction, and more. If you’re looking to find your loved one’s favourite author’s latest release, or buy the latest trending book, Exclusive Books in Canal Walk is the shop to visit!

PNA - Stationery Store

As one of the leading stationery shops in Cape Town, PNA, delivers quality products that you should definitely purchase for gifting. The store has stationery, arts and crafts items, books, office machines and other items. It’s especially important to pop by PNA in Canal Walk if you have friends or family members that love the artistic side of life!

Bargain Books - Book Shop

As the name suggests, you’re sure to get books on a bargain at this store. If you have loved ones who love reading, Bargain Books is the store to visit for the perfect gift. Bargain Books offers value, stellar service and convenience. If you have a specific book that you’d like to buy, you can call the store to find out if it’s available, then go pick it up whenever you’re ready. 

Final Thoughts

Gifts communicate a beautiful message of love and appreciation. We can’t think of a better time than now to show some love to those around you. So, go out there and get personalised presents and gift experiences in Cape Town for your family and friends. 

Canal Walk makes this easier for you as all of these stores are under one roof. Happy shopping!

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