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Time For A Bedroom Upgrade? Let Us Help You

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  JUL 20, 2023


Tired of the same old boring room decor? We get it; when you spend so much time in one place, you’re bound to get tired of how it looks from time to time. That’s why we’re here to encourage your DIY dreams and help you switch things up. So let’s work together and turn your room into the best version with these interior decor stores at Canal Walk Shopping Centre.

The Path To Dream Land 

The start of every dream room starts with a bed. Your bed is definitely the most important part of any bedroom, so it's safe to say that it should be your number one priority when it comes to turning your dream room into reality. So your first stop should be Beds From Home. At Beds From Home, you will find every kind of bed you can imagine, from single to king-sized. They are guaranteed to have something that will fit your room and suit your taste. Check out their selection of headboards and choose one you know lines up perfectly with your Pinterest mood board. 

If Beds From Home does not have exactly what you’re looking for, try browsing in Vencasa. Vencasa is known for providing high-quality beds that are proven to increase your sleep quality at an affordable price.  At this bed shop in Cape Town, you can find beds of all kinds, including ones that are adjustable to exactly how you like them. Vencasa is a great place to go if you are looking to upgrade your bed and better your quality of sleep. 

Add A Little Bit Of Spice 

The key to a great room is having all the right furniture. When your furniture is on point, the rest will follow with ease. If you want to take a more elegant route, then @home is a great place to start your journey.  Here they have a wide selection of elegant furniture in beautiful deep shades of colour like emerald green and sapphire blue. They have perfectly sized decor couches that will be ideal for a little reading nook or nap spot. 

Another great furniture store is Four Walls, and if the name doesn’t speak for itself, they are all about bedroom upgrades. At Four Walls, they have a wide selection of fun furniture for all aesthetics. Upgrade to a bigger dresser, or get yourself that massive mirror you’ve been eyeing for the longest time; we know you want that mirror. They also have a beautiful selection of suede headboards to top off your perfect room. 

Final Touches  

Once you’ve got your furniture all done and dusted (literally), it’s time for the most fun part, the decorations. Time to pull out the mood board and start looking for some inspiration before you hit the stores. Luckily, at Canal Walk Shopping Centre, there are many great stores for you to browse for your dream room decor. Let’s start with a bedroom essential: bedding. Check out Volpes, one of your favourite bed linen shops in Cape Town. At Volpes, you will find a range of high-quality bed linens for you to choose from. Because of their extensive range, you will find yourself torn between all the different options. With cool designs and neutral-coloured linens, you can choose exactly which one fits the vibe you are going for for your room. They also have a great selection of curtains for you to choose from. 

Moving onto the rugs. Visit Decor East Persian Carpets. With some of the most beautiful carpets money can buy, Decor East Persian Carpets provides high-quality rugs and carpets in all styles and unique designs. They are affordable and offer a selection of different sizes, so you can choose one that fits your room perfectly. 

All that's left is the trinkets and signature little pieces. Mr Price Home is your one-stop shop for all things trinkets, centrepieces, and other decor essentials. Here you will find a range of cool trinkets you can use to transform your bedroom into its perfect version. Find your favourite paintings from their collection and fill your walls with beautiful art. Or check out one of their cool statues that will be the perfect addition to any room. Honestly, with Mr Price Home, the possibilities are endless! 

Final Words 

Tie it all together by finally stepping into the room you've been dreaming of and soak up how your dreams have become a reality. All you have to do now is, enjoy your first night in your new favourite space. 

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