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There’s nothing quite like a few items of sportswear and fitness gear to get you motivated to go outside and break a sweat. As the health and fitness lifestyle becomes a more important part of people’s lives, sports shops in Cape Town are popping up more frequently. 

Canal Walk proudly features some of the trendiest brands, encouraging self-expression, the desire to explore the outdoors, and to go face-to-face with your gym trainer.

Vans Cape Town

Having been around for just over five decades, Vans is led by the compass of driving individuality in our youth. It encourages self-expression through sports, music and art, allowing bold youngsters to accept themselves as pioneers and thought-leaders in their own right. 

This widely known brand goes to show that not everyone is meant to be behind a bat and ball, but instead, leads them to face adventure and adrenaline without the pressure to be something they are not.

Vans started as an American brand and has now become an integral part of the skating heritage. Not only do they offer skating apparel and gear, but they also house a range of surfing, skiing, and BMX sports equipment. With such a vast range of sportswear, footwear, and trendy accessories, lovers of the brand can express themselves as off the wall adventure athletes.

Cape Union Mart

For the outdoor adventurers, the best sport shop in Cape Town is without a doubt Cape Union Mart. It is an explorers paradise packed with well-known, trusted sports brands that have innovated technology and outdoor gear for the avid extreme outdoorsman and woman. Browse their selection of Hi-Tec, K-Way, and Garmin equipment to make sure you’re ready and set to face all the outdoors has to offer.

As a leading outdoor retailer, you can be sure to find the right clothing to prepare you for anything from sun and snow to mountain summits and seashores. You can also browse through their top of the range camping gear such as portable power banks, cook sets, and burner stoves.

Make sure to keep an eye out for their regular and seasonal promotions and special deals to make sure you get the most value out of your next experience.

Sportsmans Warehouse

Sporting good stores in Cape Town such as Sportsmans Warehouse is every professional and amateur’s one-stop shop when it comes to fitness apparel and sporting gear. This unisex sports gear retailer is yet another trusted warehouse selling the widest range of sporting apparel, footwear, and accessories that are sure to motivate you to hit the gym or go for that run you’ve been putting aside for too long.

Sportsmans Warehouse sells a range of items from leading brands such as adidas, CapeStorm, and New Balance, meaning that they are a trusted retailer in quality, authentic items that are durable, comfortable, and designed for the pure purpose of helping you reach your fitness goals.

Sportsmans Warehouse also ensures that their staff are regularly trained to guarantee that you are getting the very best advice for all your fitness and health questions. They are also trained to make sure you walk away with the very best apparel and technology to assist you in reaching your maximum performance levels.

Mr Price Sport

Gone are the days where Mr Price was only a clothing store. Not only has it entered international markets, but now, it has worked its way into entirely new industries. In addition to its apparel outlets, Mr Price now sells homeware (Mr Price Home) and sports gear under Mr Price Sport.

Its expansion speaks for its global popularity, offering stylish and affordable fitness clothing and accessories for both men and women. Mr Price Sport has also established their very own clothing line known as Trail, offering sports gear specifically designed to protect and offer maximum comfort to all health and fitness fanatics.

Invest in items such as floor mats and dumbbells to work out at home, or explore their range of gadgets and accessories to help you maintain your levels of performance. Whether you’re into team sports or running on your own, spending hours at the gym, or exploring outdoor extremes, Mr Price Sport has it all for you.

Xtreme Nutrition

If you’re looking to take your fitness lifestyle to the next level, you may have considered sports supplementation to drive you closer to success. While there are various nutrition stores in Cape Town, Xtreme Nutrition is a leading sports supplement destination, providing protein powder, creatine powder, as well as other supplements and energy bars.

Xtreme Nutrition sells products from widely established brands such as Nutritech, USN, and Evox to ensure you’re getting the best quality supplements to enhance and promote your performance and drive you closer to your goals.

Not only that, but they also sell stylish, branded workout apparel like compression pants, vests, and caps from Xtreme, Redcon1, and Gold’s Gym.

It’s time to get off the couch and start working towards your fitness goals. Nobody said you had to wait for a new year to start building a better, healthier you. Now with a quick guide to some of the city’s leading brands in fitness and nutrition, you have no excuses when it comes to getting the right gear to get you started.

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