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How to spoil your dad this Father’s Day

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  MAY 28, 2019


Father’s Day is around the corner and it is time to start thinking about how you’re going to show your dad your appreciation this year. And if you’re at a loss on what kind of gift you should buy him, we’re here to help you out. So, here are some ideas to get you started. You don’t want to end up trying to find a last-minute present the day before. 

Something Special

Many people don’t think about jewellery when it comes to Father’s Day, but you can find some truly special accessories for Dad at top jewellery stores. No, don’t think of sparkly things or serious bling. But what about a signet ring that he can wear every day to remind him how special he is to you? Or perhaps a classic chain? At some Cape Town jewellery shops, you will find that you can even engrave something special for him, perhaps your birthdate? Have a look at your favourite jewellery stores in South Africa at Canal Walk and see what you can find.  

Replace something old with something new

Okay, this gift is for both of you. You know that one item of clothing your dad simply cannot get rid of? The T-shirt he still wears, even though it has that little tear in the hem? Or that cap he bought back when he was your age? How about those old running shoes that he claims are still “in good condition”, even though you could scrub them for days and they still wouldn’t be clean? Why not go looking for his next favourite T-shirt, pair of running shoes or cap at these men's fashion stores in Canal Walk? And if your dad is quite picky about his clothing items, you can always take him shopping with you. 

Something to do with his favourite hobby

Think about what your father does for fun during his free time. Now, think about all the different accessories and items that are linked to that hobby. For example, if your father loves spending his weekend afternoons playing golf, why not get him a customised golf bag for his clubs? Or if he enjoys building his own model cars, you could always get him a book on classic cars. This gift is special because it shows your dad that you pay attention to his interests. 

A gift card for his favourite store

Some people are difficult to buy gifts for and if your father is one of those people, why not get him a gift card for his favourite store? This way, he will get to choose what he really wants this Father’s Day and you can even go shopping with him to spend some time together. Of course, if he doesn’t have a favourite store, you know he will love a Canal Walk Gift Card. He will have the option of choosing from so many different stores that he will definitely find himself a gift that he really wants. 

A day out in Cape Town together

Your dad loves you and would probably love to spend a day out with you. There are many activities and events happening in Cape Town every single weekend throughout the year. You could take your dad out to look at the birds at Intaka Island or have a look at the Art Trail. And if your dad loves a good meal, you could treat him to lunch at his favourite restaurant. Whatever you do, just don’t leave Century City because why would you ever need to.  

At the end of the day, your dad will probably love whatever you get him because it’s from you. However, you still need to put some serious thought into it because, remember, it’s the thought that counts. 

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