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Spectacular Specs To Change How The World Sees You

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  AUG 27, 2021


When it comes to choosing the right pair of spectacles, the idea that they should just be good enough for your vision – though important – is not the only reason. They form part of our entire look and identity. Your spectacles are a part of how people describe you, so what would you like them to say about you? Whether you're looking for the perfect prescription frame to suit your style and personality or that fly frame that rounds off any outfit, a good pair of spectacles can be spectacular. Let’s take a look at a few trendy eyewear shops in Cape Town to help you choose a pair and give the world a new you. 


If affordability, convenience and a free gift here and there are your favourites, then Spec-Savers at Canal Walk is the perfect place for you. Here, you can find a range of fashionable and affordable spectacles tailored to your visual needs. What’s also great about Spec-Savers is that you can stand a chance to score some amazing promotional packages such as a free frame for kids or a discount on adult frames. Don’t believe us? Well, come see for yourself. 


There’s something for everyone at EyeQ. Whether you’re a fan of high-end, couture-level eyewear or want to look like a superstar daily, EyeQ has a range of fashionable brands, stylish frames, and (because your vision needs it) qualified optometrists to offer you the best advice regarding which lens works best for you. Next time you need to get yourself a pair of designer eyewear that best suits your style and image, come to EyeQ at Canal Walk. 

Mullers Optometrist

The road to getting your dream eyewear is paved with great service from Mullers Optometrists at Canal Walk. One can go as far as to say that Mullers Optometrists are the eyes of Cape Town. With their slogan, “Caring for Cape Town’s eyes for over a century”, it’s no surprise that Mullers is one of our customers’ favourites. You can book your appointment online, and upon receiving confirmation, you also get an Uber voucher for your trip so you won’t have to worry about finding parking space. So, if you are in Canal Walk, take advantage of a Mullers Optometrists consultation with a free ride, a wide range of fashionable frames and impeccable service. 


If exclusivity and style are your thing when it comes to choosing spectacles, then Execuspecs is the perfect place for you. Here, you can even enjoy the convenience of trying on a few frames in the comfort of your own home. 

We know how difficult it has been to be outside with the Covid-19 pandemic looming, but that doesn’t have to stop your vision (literally). Execuspecs’ Home Try-On is a no-obligation free trial with three easy steps to get you to try on a few frames during a seven-day period. If you think that’s a good offer, then there’s more where that came from. Other offerings include accessory giveaways, Two-for-One specials, free eye tests, frames and lenses for kids between 6-12 years, as well as a Buy Now, Pay Later service to suit your pocket. 

Sunglass Hut

If you like looking at life through rose-coloured lenses, then take a short left to Sunglass Hut at Canal Walk. Here, you don’t only run the risk of bumping into some of South Africa’s celebrities, but you also get to view options on options when it comes to sunglasses. And if you find yourself stuck on what to pick, then check out their best sellers for a quick mood board, and who knows? Your pair could be staring right at you. 


Needing little to no introduction, Ray-Ban is your one-stop shop for both spectacles and sunglasses if you are looking for something premium. Their spectacles range will have you looking like Cape Town’s next big shot, and their sunglasses will have you leaving the store feeling like a superstar. Dubbed ‘the best sunglasses on the market’, Ray-Ban eyewear is a popular favourite among the cool and charming surroundings of eyewear enthusiasts. 

And in conclusion

Each of our eyewear stores offers unique packages to help you select your next pair of specs or shades. The only thing you have to worry about is trying not to buy them all. Come to Canal Walk, a shopping mall in Cape Town, for your next pair of eyewear because when it’s the perfect time for the world to see you, it’s time for the perfect frame. 

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