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TIPS AND TRICKS  |  JAN 16, 2020


Shop your way to a sustainable lifestyle with these fashion stores

Fast fashion is a global success that big, medium-sized and small brands are still enjoying to this day. This is because fashion fans revel in the behaviour of immersing themselves in seasonal trends. 

The constant desire and action of buying a new trend, boxing that in a storeroom to open up space for the next one and so, the cycle continues. However, a giant recall for an alternative has been reverberating in the industry for a couple of decades. The noise became louder in the past few years, which resulted in numerous brands vowing to be more green. Why is sustainable fashion such a big deal? Well, the big idea about sustainable fashion is that it offers clean garments made from natural fabrics and developed through clean processes. Ultimately, the result of sustainable clothing beyond lasting much longer than fast-fashion items is that they are less damaging to the environment. 

This is, of course, a controversial topic in the industry, with many arguing that the love for fashion and for the environment cannot simply coexist. Some get the idea, acknowledging that ethical clothing is durable, comfortable, and functional but is incredibly minimalistic. Whichever side of the fence you fall in, many brands have shown fashion enthusiasts that they can be thrilled about the new pieces they drop as they’re both eco-friendly and chic.

If you read on below, you’ll find a list of a few Cape Town fashion stores that care about going green and providing consumers quality clothing.


This Swedish brand is a leading fast-fashion brand across the globe. The brand has vowed to use 100 percent sustainable materials by 2030 and become 100 percent ‘climate positive’ by 2040 by using renewable energy in all its operations. According to their sustainability report, 57 percent of the materials they use are recycled or made from other sustainably sourced materials. H&M is an active member of the Better Cotton Initiative, which is aimed at enabling farmers to grow cotton in a way that’s eco-friendly.


At the core of Poetry is a true love for making sophisticated women’s fashion that inspires the consumer that buys them. Poetry’s clothing is not mass produced and is created with sustainability in mind. The garments from Poetry are made from recycled materials such as polyester, organic cotton and Tencel. They do this because they care about playing a big part in saving the environment and offering women worry-free fashion. 

Witchery and Country Road

Woolworths’ in-house brands, Witchery and Country Road, are part of the Country Road Group, which is committed to incorporating sustainability in everything they do business across seven key areas, namely: ethical trade, sustainable farming and sourcing of raw materials, water stewardship, energy efficiency, water reduction and social development, health and wellness. 

Cotton On

The Cotton On Group is committed to creating a positive change, not only for the people that wear their clothing but also for the environment in which they live in. Cotton On recognises the impact fast-fashion has on the planet and have thus developed sustainability guidelines and strategies. 

They use these guidelines and strategies to ensure that they reduce the surplus of unused materials and the use of sustainable materials and processes for both their women’s and men’s fashion.

Old Khaki

Old Khaki is one of the oldest South African retail brands under the Cape Union Mart Group, that offers authentic and quality garments. Old Khaki’s goal is to continue to create a sustainable casual fashion brand that is morally responsible and exists to uplift the lives of the people who buy from it. 


Levis is actively working on innovative methods of responsible production and design to provide eco-friendly merchandise. The company has launched waterless innovations for production methods that use less water and Cotton’s Blue Jeans Go Green Program as well as Screened Chemistry Program. They’re also active members of the Better Cotton Initiative.

Final Thoughts

In recent years, sustainable fashion has become a buzzword in the industry. Consumer behaviour points out that shoppers are interested in knowing more about how the clothes they buy are made, from which materials they’re made, where they’re made, who makes them and under which conditions.

This led to a call and a growing demand to create ethical clothing that isn’t damaging to the environment. Numerous brands already meet this demand, and some are working towards this goal, starting with sustainable initiatives that will move them into this direction.

These brands above are paving the way for many more brands who will eventually have to listen to their consumers’ call. Visit these stores in Canal Walk today and make an impact on our environment by buying ethical clothing. 

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