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Restaurants to cure any food craving



These Canal Walk Restaurants will cure any food cravings you have

The old catchphrase “the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach” is not a lie, at least in our eyes. But we think the same thing can be said for everyone. Who doesn’t love a plate of good quality food, right? And, when the food craving hits, it just never stops. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of Canal Walk restaurants in different food categories to help you in your quest to cure any cravings you have. Let’s get right to it!

Fast Food Spots

If you’re searching for fast-food restaurants in Cape Town that will make quick takeaways for you and your loved ones, you’ve come to the right page. You have plenty of options, and you can choose according to what your taste buds desire. Tasty Bites, which is one of the few fast-food restaurants that can only be found in Canal Walk, has delicious samoosas, gatsbys and spring rolls on the menu. Anat offers fresh and tasty shawarmas, falafels and pitas. Nando's paired with Milky Lane, afterwards, will offer you a combo of grilled chicken and deliciously sweet pancakes, waffles or creamy sundaes, for dessert.

Seafood and Sushi Spots

Seafood, also known as food from nature, is light on the palate but will fill your heart with joy as you take a bite. Whether you are craving for the traditional fish and chips, grilled calamari or traditional sushi, look no further than Ocean BasketFishawaysJohn Dory’sCape Town Fish Market and Simply Asia. The best thing about these spots is that they are halaal restaurants too. So, when the craving for seafood hits, these are the go-to seafood restaurants in Cape Town.

Pizza and Pasta Spots

When you have carb cravings that won’t go away, turn to PRIMI and Col’Cacchio. (FYI, ours is one of very few halaal Col’Cacchios in Cape Town.) At both these restaurants, you’re going to find crispy and thin-based pizzas topped with whatever ingredients you want. Whichever side you’re on about the pineapple on pizza debate, the choice is yours to make. They also make the creamiest and hearty types of pasta that will sure satiate you.

Burger and Steak Spots

Your search for family restaurants near you can easily be sorted at the burger restaurants in Cape Town, such as the newest joint in Canal Walk, RocoMamas aka the home of the smash burger, and Brocka the home of the Kaapstad Giemba burger by YoungstaCPT (and Brocka is halaal). These restaurants have versatile menus and give you the option to choose anything from juicy burgers and fries to mouthwatering steak and fries. 

Healthy Spots

Sweetbeet and Kauai are two of the few available trendy restaurants in Cape Town for exclusively healthy food. Health-conscious foodies who enjoy yummy bites can get a variety of salads, wraps,  other light meals and smoothies at these spots. They all have vegetarian, vegan, dairy and gluten-free options to cater to you no matter what your dietary needs are.

Coffee Spots

Coffee enthusiasts love premium frothy coffees, and so do we! Vida e CaffeSeattle Coffee and Magnifico Bistro are on the list of the top favourite free WiFi coffee shops in Cape Town. But that’s because they make it their mission to ensure that coffee lovers get what they love in the quality they deserve. We all know coffee is even more delicious when paired with a little treat, so, these coffee shops also have pastries, cookies, chocolates, nuts and fruits. 

Mexican Spots

Mexican food lovers are well catered for at the new Mexican spot in Canal Walk Shopping Centre, Guacamole. It’s a world of flavour at this spot, and it has everything you love about Mexican food; crunch, grease, spice and more spice! You have the option to choose from nachos, tacos and wraps. It’s a halaal restaurant, which means it caters to a wide variety of customers.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to food, you should never compromise on quality and taste. The restaurants in Canal Walk take pride in serving their customers with premium, fresh and tasty food. So, whatever you’re craving, be confident that it will be everything you day-dream and envision it to be.

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