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How to Host the Best Self-Care Pamper Party

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  AUG 29, 2021


Everyone knows; things haven't been the same since the Covid-19 pandemic struck. One of the biggest things we’ve all had to confront is that we need a break or at least a moment to take care of ourselves. There are countless videos on social media suggesting perfect ways to take care of ourselves. From Self-Care Sunday routines to daily affirmations, pampering has now been introduced as a mandatory part of our lives.

Some may say this was long overdue, and we couldn’t agree more. However, the natural trait we have of selflessness teaches us to always share with those we love. Thus; the birth of Pamper Parties, also known as Self-Care Parties/Celebrations, where we gather with those we love for a day (or days) of pampering, catching up and having a good time while we cleanse our skin, do our hair and indulge in some foot massages.

So, what is a Pamper Party and can you host one? With Canal Walk by your side, you sure can. Let’s take a look at the perfect stores to give you the perfect tools for your Pamper Party.  

Send invites with a touch of Clicks

Take advantage of Clicks’ frequent ‘buy 3 and pay for 2’ promotion and send out invites to your Pamper Party guests with a touch of small gifts such as a Sorbet nail set, a Garnier Face Mask, some foot care packages or all three. Let your guests know about the party with cute care packages, or even use them as your ‘welcome gifts’. At Clicks Canal Walk, you can shop hair and beauty products from all over the world as well as some proudly South African brands. 

Decide on the theme of the party

Any good party has a theme, and though yours is a Pamper Party, you might want to plan out what kind of pampering will be happening. Are we trying out new makeup routines? Are we doing skincare routines? Are we creating our own organic facial, hand and foot masks? Whatever you’re doing, you can get organic products from Woolworths and Dis-Chem and collect the perfect ingredients for your Pamper Party. 

Location, location, location

Although most Pamper Parties are hosted in the comfort of our homes, there is value in having it elsewhere. First, the host gets to enjoy themselves too, and you all get to experience great service from passionate professionals such as the staff at Sorbet Canal Walk. Then, your Pamper Party crew can enjoy hair treatments, nail care, massages, and so much more with affordable packages and offers from Sorbet. You can also pick up a few items to take the party home. 


What’s a party without food? Or at least snack platters? But food is very important, and at Woolworths Canal Walk, you can organise a few platters and meals, ready-made snacks and other foods. Whether your party is a healthy, gluten-free, lactose-free one, or if you are leaning more toward the cupcake and sweets side of things, Woolworths has all the bright ideas to give you and your guests the pampering you deserve. 

Essentially? Oils, scrubs and bath bombs

Essential oils play a huge part in any self-care session, and a lot of them have been recommended for reducing stress, balancing hormones, treating hair, helping with sleep, and so much more. But, don’t believe us, visit the staff at Lush and The Body Shop and check out some essential oils, scrubs, and bath bombs to help you relax more and bring that zen to your get-together. 

A little tricks

Do you want to give out gifts at your Pamper Party? Maybe you feel your guests need and deserve a little (or big) something to let them know that it’s okay to take care of themselves every now and then. So, why not visit Jo Malone and L'Occitane en Provence for some beautiful perfumes and cosmetics to take the love and pamper home. We have it all at Canal Walk. 

Let's get this Pamper Party started!

With all these stores available at Canal Walk shopping mall in Cape Town, you are guaranteed a beautiful Pamper Party with your loved ones, filled with self-care and chats like no other. What are you waiting for, host? Your Pamper Party needs you.  

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