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Smartphones are more than just portable devices for quick and easy communication. Truth be told, the list of possibilities that have been created, thanks to this generation of mobile devices, have completely revolutionised the way we manage our lives, jobs and our relationships.

According to BankMyCell, an astounding 23 million (or 41.6%) of South Africans currently own a smartphone. This proves just how important these devices have become for our tech-savvy locals. Popular mobile service providers are continually exploring opportunities for creating personalised deals suited to this growing demand. This variety helps customers find a smartphone that perfectly suits their lifestyle needs. 

If you’re in the market for the latest smartphone, take a look at some of our mobile phone stores, known to offer great deals you can trust.


Samsung is a world-renowned brand known for its innovations in home appliances and electronics. It launched its first mobile phone in 1988, and as the industry evolved, so did its mobile creations. Today, the Samsung Galaxy has landed in the hands of thousands, making the brand one of the most trusted mobile developers in South Africa.

This cell phone store strictly retails their own branded mobile phones, such as the Galaxy A and similar models. Based on your requirements, you can select from different storage sizes, display capabilities, safety features and designs. With the purchase of any Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series, users may also benefit from the SamsungCare+ warranty package.

For 24 months, you can protect your phone for a monthly fee, or a once-off payment of R1 499, including battery swaps, screen replacements, software updates and health diagnostics. With an assortment of beautiful mobile devices and superior after-sale service, Samsung is a great place to start looking for a new smartphone.


Vodacom is one of the most recognised mobile service providers in South Africa. Offering personalised and affordable deals suited to every customer, their catalogue of deals stretch from gaming electronics and audio systems to a selection of smartphones that have risen to the forefront of the mobile industry.

While there are a variety of cellphone stores in Cape Town, Vodacom is one which offers full-scale services such as repairs, upgrades, sim swaps and other technical services. However, their mobile contracts and packages are the primary attraction.

Find a smartphone you love from a series of sought after brands. From LG to Huawei, Samsung and Apple, you can pair your smartphone with flexible deals ranging in talking minutes to data and SMS bundles - depending on your unique needs. 


Over the years, Telkom has worked its way into thousands of South African homes and businesses. As the largest communications service provider, Telkom’s customers have benefited from knowledgeable in-store services and customised smartphone deals.

Telkom offers the widest range of smartphone brands, including Huawei, iPhones, Sony and Samsung. No matter your preference, Telkom is guaranteed to have what you’re looking for. Enjoy prepaid mobile deals at the lowest rates in the country, and receive great benefits every time you recharge. You can also opt for flexible mobile contracts that give you the freedom to customise your own package, just the way you like it.

Mobile plans such as the Telkom FreeMe allows you to select your preferred data bundle, and enjoy added benefits from the likes of free WhatsApp calls and messages, LIT_music and video streaming and more. Customers can also select the FreeMe Family package for an entire household to enjoy, all managed from one contract.

Cell C

As you know, there are a handful of mobile phone stores in Cape Town, and Cell C stands as one of the top four, leading network providers in the country. Thousands of locals have chosen to partner with Cell C because of their consistent support and leading smartphones.

Not only that, but their customers trust in their affordable, flexible deals. Explore data contracts such as Fixed 4G, Smart Data or their MediaPlay Data deal. Depending on the contract you select, you can enjoy larger quantities of data, fast internet access or a monthly subscription to their entertainment platform, Black.

Should you opt for a prepaid plan, you can enjoy unique smartphone deals such as MegaData, SUPACHARGE or the Cell C Sharks Mobile plan. This popular option gives customers bonus airtime deals, free minutes and free data. Whatever you need can be found at Cell C. Simply visit our Canal Walk branch and enquire about the best solution for you.

Final Thoughts

Take a look at some of the country’s most popular mobile phone stores and find everything you need from the phone you love to the deal you need. With a handful of shops to choose from, customers can enjoy competitive deals that best suit their needs and their budget. If you have yet to join the millions of smartphone users around the world, start today at Canal Walk.

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