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TIPS AND TRICKS  |  DEC 18, 2019


The new year is here, and that means it’s time to take back control after the holiday season. If you’re planning on making 2020 the year of self-love, you’ll have to plan for the habits that bring you the mindfulness you need.

Whatever your New Year’s goals are, you’ll find a store in Canal Walk Shopping Centre with the right stuff for you to succeed! So, go ahead, treat yourself to self-improvement with these speciality stores and make this year your best one yet!

Let’s take a look at some stores with mindfulness in mind.

Start a new chapter at Bargain Books

If you’re a fan of reading, you’ll know that few things bring as much mental clarity as cracking open a new book and getting lost in a different world. Whether it’s fantasy, psychology or reality that tickles your fancy, sitting back and exercising your mind in a relaxing way works wonders for the mind and body.

Entertaining and enriching as it may be, reading can quickly become an expensive hobby. So, next time you’re on the hunt for a bestseller, stop by Bargain Books in Canal Walk. They’re known for being one of the more affordable book stores in Cape Town, so you’ll be able to score that page-turner without breaking your New Year’s budget.

Pamper yourself at Dis-Chem

Perhaps your ideal way to kick back and relax involves a face mask, bubble bath and cosy slippers. If this sounds like the mindful treat you’re after, take the time this year to pamper your body and clear your mind. Draw a bath, slip on your most comfortable robe and enter the new year with your best, pampered foot forward!

Sounds fabulous, right? Now, stop by Canal Walk and find your favourite pamper products at Dis-Chem. While you’re sure to find your everyday essentials like vitamins and toiletries, Dis-Chem also offers luxury items like perfumes, makeup and self-care products to make you look, and feel, your absolute best!

Get a running start at Sportsmans Warehouse

Exercise is a vital part of mindfulness and self-care. When your body is healthy, your mind follows suit. It doesn’t matter if you’re a runner, weight trainer or yogi, as long as you find a way to keep fit that fits with your lifestyle and your unique fitness needs. And, when you’ve dressed the part, your workouts will be that much more impactful while keeping your body safe.

If you’re on the lookout for comfortable workout clothes, the perfect running shoe or the tools to train at home, look no further than Sportsmans Warehouse in Canal Walk. Here, you’ll find a variety of trusted brands and the perfect styles for your body and workout types. So, stop by this popular sports store in Cape Town, and hit the ground running this year!

Awaken your wellness at Simply Natural

Now that your mind and body are healthy, and you’ve made time to unwind and pamper yourself, it’s time to approach your health holistically. While you might be getting regular checkups and taking your supplements every day, a holistic approach considers the mind, body and spirit. Take 2020 as the opportunity to become healthier all-round.

If this piques your interest, head over to Canal Walk and visit Simply Natural. They have everything you need to give your healthy lifestyle a kickstart. From skin care products to health foods, you’ll have every reason to live your best life after stopping by this health store in Cape Town.

Final Thoughts

Your health should always be a priority, and with these stores in Canal Walk on your side, there’s nothing stopping you in 2020! Read a book, shake off some stress, put on a face mask and run your year the way you want to – with health, mindfulness and self-care in mind.

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