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Prepare for your next trip with luggage shops in Cape Town

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  MAY 11, 2019


Get ready, get prepared and get going with the perfect set of luggage to carry and protect your belongings on your next trip. Browse through Canal Walk’s favourite luggage shops, all providing a vast selection of bags, backpacks, and more. Explore a variety of designs, colours, sizes, and capabilities with some of the most fashion-forward, innovative travel essentials you’ve ever seen.


For all travellers, whether you’re a novice wanderer or a worldly nomad, you are going to need the best quality luggage to take on your travels with you. Yes, they sit in the cabins of airplanes and rooms of motels, hotels and hostels. However, the process of travelling isn’t always sunshine. And that is why TUMI luggage is the ultimate destination shop for all your luggage requirements.

There’s a reason their products are tried and tested prior to shelving. You can be more than confident in an investment of a TUMI suitcase because each and every item undergoes 30 tests ranging from safety, all the way to oil resistance. Since its inception in 1975, TUMI has lived by the ethos of creating products that solve problems instead of creating them. They test their products in a series of real-life situations, vetting the quality of every item to ensure they are up to the highest standards.

As a brand inspired by people, travellers can enjoy a selection of suitcases, backpacks, handbags, and accessories to suit your lifestyle. Make sure you purchase a product that can stand the test of time and one that can live alongside you while you travel the world.

Balucci Leather

Having a leather suitcase wouldn’t be a bad idea if you’re an avid traveller. Leather is a naturally durable and flexible material, which offers you confidence in knowing you have a quality travel accessory that makes your journey from A to B as easy as can be. Balucci Leather creates timeless pieces of travel equipment with easy movement capabilities and sufficient storage space.

Their carefully-crafted accessories, satchels, and other luggage items are more than a purchase, they’re an investment, which means they can travel with you for years to come. If you are a fan of leather items, Balucci Leather has an assortment of sizes and styles that you can select according to your travel preferences and requirements.

Grab yourself a stylish suitcase that is sure to impress everyone on your business travels, or invest in a backpack that you can safely carry your belongings in throughout your travel journey.

All Leather

Another leather store worth visiting would without a doubt be All Leather. If you’re the type that prefers to purchase locally made goods, you can support your community by investing in any item from this exceptional leather store.

How would you be supporting your community, you ask? Well, what makes this store unique is the fact that every product you will find on their shelves has been meticulously hand-crafted by the owner. Each item surpasses one's expectations of quality hand-crafted goods, and that’s why we’ve selected this store as one of our many favourites in Canal Walk.

So, the next time you travel, make sure to invest in affordable items with superior quality. If you find yourself taking a stroll past this store, take a look at their range of clothing, accessories, and travelling gear.

Travel stores in Cape Town aren’t difficult to come by, especially with the number of Capetonians that love to travel. If travelling is in the books this year, make sure you’re equipped with the best luggage that protects your belongings and ensures you’re always travelling in style.

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