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If you take a look at the list of reasons people give for delaying fixing or taking care of their health and wellness, you’ll find ‘time’ right at the top. We get it, with summer having kicked in already, our schedules have become a lot busier. We’re all scrambling with last-minute work, home, family and holiday obligations. Unfortunately, none of these are good enough excuses to neglect ourselves. 

Like the old age wisdom says; health means soundness not only of the body but of mind and spirit as well. So, even if you think you don’t have the time, make time to take care of yourself, and you’ll thank yourself later. Luckily, here at Canal Walk, we have everything you need to take care of your health. You’ll discover that these health stores in Cape Town offer the very best. And we say that without trying to seem like we have a big ego. In one (or all) of these health shops, you’re guaranteed to find items that will boost your health.

Xtreme Nutrition

As the name of the store suggests, you’ll find Xtreme Nutrition items at this nutrition store in Cape Town. From fat burners to protein powders, pre-workout, multi-vitamin and recovery products, Xtreme Nutrition has your fitness journey covered. If you’re vegan or subscribe to the low-carb diet, you’re well catered for with products made especially for you. There are also selected fitness clothing for both men and women. This nutrition store understands your summer goals and your desire to reach them. That’s why they’re running various summer sales on selected items. The staff at the store are trained to assist you with all your needs. 

Simply Natural

Simply Natural puts wellness at the forefront of their services and products. Their mission is to equip customers with easy treatments and remedies for minor ailments and illnesses.

The entire range of products is formulated and designed by Dr Anulska Viljoen. She has over 20 years of experience in the field. All the creams, ointments, dental products, first aid homoeopathy and supplements are tested and safe to use. 

If you’re an animal lover and have some of your own, you’ll be pleased to know that Simply Natural has products that are safe to use on pets.

Head over to their store at the lower level with as many questions you need to be answered. The staff are happy to assist you in your quest to reach optimal health. 

Clicks Pharmacy 

 Click Pharmacy is a gift multiplied by three. It’s one of the health shops in Cape Town where beauty meets nutritional food and drinks. In every aisle, there are several premium brands to explore. While that’s a good thing, saving you time and energy, it can also be overwhelming when you’re not sure which brand is the right fit for you. There are professionals around the store who will help you pick the best products for you. Besides the pharmacy, there’s a clinic that offers different types of services such as testing, family planning, vaccinations and other preventive health options.


Kauai is a favourite health food shop for many Capetonians, because of its wide range offering of healthy food. They make healthy food easily accessible to everyone who is looking for healthy food on the go. The store recently switched up their menu to add more fun and freshness to your diet, so that you can enjoy the very best at an affordable rate. 


The newly-opened Sweetbeet is a Halaal-certified food spot with an exciting menu. It’s the epitome of casual dining; you’re welcome to eat solo, with colleagues, business associates, friends, family, friends and partners. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, light meals, lunch or dinner, Sweetbeet has you covered. There’s a children’s menu with many healthy options, so you don’t overload your little ones with adult meals. 

Final thoughts 

Taking care of your wellness and health shouldn’t feel like a chore. It should feel like experience you’re able to repeat without breaking a sweat. When you’re healthy and happy, your outlook on life shifts into a positive zone. You start to feel like a whole new person. And Canal Walk health stores make health accessible and convenient for you. 

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