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Ideas to spend some quality time with your little one

FAMILY  |  OCT 28, 2019


There is no denying that life is a whirlwind as a parent

You’re juggling work responsibilities, quality time with your family, social activities and more, making it increasingly difficult to dedicate time to your loved ones. Beyond ‘bonding’ with your children, you play a large role in their development. They’re continually relying on you to help them grow and develop the skills they need to progress. 

There’s certainly a time and place for everything, and with life being as busy as it is, you need to find the time to consciously switch between your own activities and the time you want to dedicate to your child. Often, the best time to spend is out of the house and somewhere away from your normal surroundings. This will give your child the opportunity to explore new activities in a completely new environment and get excited about your time together. 

Consider ways to slow down your life and create memorable memories with your most precious gift. By showing your child the love, care and training they deserve, you are empowering them to grow and transition into the person you want them to be. So, if you’re looking for fun things to do in Cape Town with kids, Canal Walk offers a variety of stores and entertainment to explore with your child. Even if it’s a case of purchasing items to create memories at home, the outing is worth your time. Here are a few options to consider this weekend in the Mother City: 

Kids Emporium

Shopping is fun; you can have a ball picking out adorable outfits at Kids Emporium.

From kids clothing to toys, decor, accessories and maternity clothing, this is one of the few kids clothing stores in Cape Town that offer a collection of kids and adult items under one roof. Kids Emporium knows what’s best for your child, so explore this store at Canal Walk and find something cute to spoil your little one! 


Does the sound of arcade machines and prize machines excite your little one? We thought so. Embrace your inner child on a unique outing to Wonderland at Canal Walk. Among the neon lights and jam-packed game aisles, you can spend hours watching your child play around, keeping you young at heart. You can bond with your child over a game of pool, foosball, interactive games and more. You’re a hop and a skip away from kids restaurants in Cape Town, and you can indulge in something finger-licking good while you’re at it. If you win enough games, you may even be able to exchange your ticket tokens for a prize that will bring excitement to your little one and make them feel special. 

Century Karting

If you have an adrenaline junkie on your hands, Century Karting is just the place to visit. Take a ride on the wild side with a fun go-karting adventure for the whole family. Watch your child giggle as they zoom around the corners and embrace their competitive side on the track. While this activity is not always the first on your bonding list, it’s important to make time for activities that your child will enjoy and appreciate, leaving a smile on their face. 


Treat your child to a toy wonderland when you visit LEGO at Canal Walk, one of the very first stores in Cape Town. This iconic store stocks tons of collectable brick sets and items that you’ll be proud to own years from now. Together, you can build an empire that includes vehicles, buildings, robots and more; something you can work on as a team. Whatever you do, don’t get a plastic brick trapped under your knee or foot because you’ll pay for it in pain. 


Depending on your child’s age, they may or may not have become vocal about their “style” and their choice of outfits. However, with Keedo, you can never go wrong! This proudly South African store has the cutest outfits for fashionable children. You will be able to let your child pick out their favourite outfit, involving them in the shopping experience. Keedo will keep your child looking trendy all-year-round, so pop into this store and see what they have for you. 

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