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For some, winter is the best time of the year. For those of you who disagree, we’re about to change your mind. There are so many ways to cosy up and find ways to enjoy the upcoming chilly season. For one, redesigning a few things around the house and adding accessories to protect you from the shivers are sure to put you on the right path to surviving winter.

Add a throw over the couch for movie nights indoors, or simply add more light to the living room. Whatever it is that you want, Canal Walk has a store for it.

Winter @Home

Décor stores in Cape Town are filling up with winter warming homeware in preparation for cuddle season. With @home, it’s the smaller details that are going to matter the most. This year, you can accessorise your place with items that make a statement and will keep you cosy.

First and foremost, stock up the common areas of your home with blankets and throws to add an extra layer of warmth and comfort. @home has a variety of blankets to select from, however, we recommend a  powder mink throw that comes in a multitude of colours with the additional option of a reversible style to change things up when you want to.

You’ll also want to make sure you have an electric blanket for the bedroom to ensure a happy and pleasant sleep. Although an item like this can be quite costly, there’s nothing worse than climbing into a cold bed in the thick of winter.

Likewise, you should equip your home with convector heaters. This way, you can heat up an entire room according to your comfort, all the while conserving energy so that you don’t leave yourself surprised at an exorbitant electricity bill. The best part about a heater of this type is the minimal amount of space it takes, it is more affordable and it will never get in the way of the design of the room.

Lighten up your life

We often associate winter with darker days and an extensive amount of rain. Despite how often Cape Town’s weather can fluctuate, it is still a good idea to prepare some extra lighting in your home to fend off those winter blues. People are often affected by the weather; overcast days with predicted rainfall can often leave you unmotivated to leave the house. So shed some light in your life with desk, table and standing lamps.

With home and decor stores such as Mr Price Home, you can improve the mood of the entire household without breaking the bank. It isn’t always necessary to make use of ceiling lights that require installation and commitment. Instead, a standing lamp close to the couch is enough to compliment the room and adds its own touch of heat. You’re also likely to save a lot on electricity if you avoid using major lighting equipment as much as possible.

Creating a comfort zone

In the same way that you can continue to be stylish with layer upon layer of clothing, you can design your home this winter with cushions and rugs that are fashionable and comfortable. People may tell you to live outside of your comfort zone, but this doesn’t apply to your home. Make your personal space all that you want it to be with Coricraft..

Coricraft’s furniture and home decor are well sought after in Cape Town. While some of their top of the range homeware can become expensive, smaller items such as rugs, cushions, and accessories are never to be feared. And you can be sure that you’re receiving unmatched value for your money.

You don’t have to think twice when it comes to investing in scatter cushions. Coricraft has a wide range of alternative styles with different materials for any day and any occasion. Rest your head on a bulb or farm styled scatter cushion, available in neutral colours and finished with ultimate style. Top that off with a farm knitted throw and you’ll want winter to stick around.

During this time of the year, tiled floors are not pleasant to walk on. Luckily enough, home and decor stores in Cape Town are renowned for their innovation of products that strive for ultimate comfort and style. Rugs Original stocks shaggy styled rugs that are ultra soft and undeniably stylish. They easily add warmth to any room and what’s more, they are machine washable and super affordable.

The finishing touches of your home design can be most exciting, as you’re able to change things up with the scatter of a cushion. When creating the perfect home, take into consideration the season, colour palette, and every little detail that goes into making your house a home. For the next few months, a big portion of your time will be spent indoors, so make your space the ultimate environment to hibernate and enjoy the cold weather.

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