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In most cases, we tend to choose to have a medical check-up on a specific day, where we don’t have any other activities to do. And, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. But, there are also opportunities to fit in health checks while you shop, or right before you go on a lunch or movie date.

Canal Walk has a list of healthcare stores that offer different types of healthcare services. If you plan well and book on time, you’ll find that you can cover more ground than previously thought. It’s hitting two birds with one stone. 

So, without wasting time, let’s get you set on which health stores in Cape Town you can get quality healthcare checks from. We’ll detail the service offering from each of these stores so that when you visit Canal Walk, you know exactly which check-up you’re getting and where.

Healthcare Stores


Clicks is one of the leading health, wellness and beauty stores in South Africa. At the Clicks in Cape Town, you will not only find a wide range of healthy food, medication and beauty products, but you’re also able to do screening tests. This includes a pap smear, pregnancy test, contraceptive injections and pills, breast examination, baby wellness consultations, prostate test, blood pressure test, and so much more. Call Clicks in Canal Walk ahead of time to book your spot for any screening you need.


Dis-chem pharmacy is a South African pharmacy that cares about yours and your family’s health. The wide collection of medication and other healthcare products are there to help you reach an optimal state of health. The types of health check services they offer range from diabetic care, vitamin injection, cholesterol screening, glucose screening, peak flow and nebulisation (asthma management), wound care and more. Make that call to Dischem in Canal Walk to set up an appointment. 

Eye Care Stores

Mullers Optometrists

Mullers Optometrists has been caring for people’s eye health for over a century. Whether you’re looking to do your first comprehensive eye examination or thinking about renewing your prescription glasses or contact lenses, Mullers Optometrists in Canal Walk has you covered! Also, if you need frame adjustments and repairs, you can have it done in-store. Simply book an appointment for a time convenient to you!


EyeQ offers world-class eye care services that you’re guaranteed to find suitable for your needs. Their qualified specialists can perform detailed spectacles or contact lens evaluations, and you’ll learn about the diagnosis on the day, as well as get a personalised solution. They also offer driving vision consultations to test whether your eyes experience any pressure when driving and provide you with a solution to this. So, call EyeQ in Canal Walk as soon as you know when you’ll be going shopping.


At Spec-Savers, you’re going to receive the best eye care services at affordable prices! If you need to update your spectacles or contact lens, Spec-Savers in Canal Walk is the store to visit. Or alternatively, if you need any lens enhancements such as glare coating or blue light protection. And, if you don’t already wear glasses or contact lenses, but suspect that you might need either of these, you can do a vision screening where a specialist will analyse your eyesight, and provide a customised solution. 

Final Thoughts

No matter what your primary plans are, be it shopping or meeting friends for a quick bite, there’s a lot you can do in one visit to the Canal Walk mall. As you can see above, there are different health and wellness checks you can do. When you search for pharmacies near you or optometrist near you, these stores above will come up at the top of your search. And, no matter which optometrist in Cape Town, you prefer, you’ll find all of them at Canal Walk. So, plan your visit in a way that’s also going to benefit your overall health!

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