We caught up with Cape Town fashion blogger MR LEE FRASER, to get all the inside style scoop, to help you live your best life in the most stylish way possible.

Lee Fraser, founder of the fashion and lifestyle blog MR LEE FRASER, started his blog in 2015 to create a platform to talk to his existing Instagram followers about men’s fashion, grooming and lifestyle. Besides blogging, Lee is also a fashion stylist and a social media contributor for various brands.

Scroll down for the low-down on looking good.

1. The most important winter grooming products for men?

Keep your skin hydrated with a good balanced moisturiser that suits your skin type. For the face I would recommend Dermalogica® Active Moist and Active toner, for great-looking and well hydrated skin. (Shop it at Sorbet Canal Walk)

For the body, try Vaseline® Men Extra Strength Lotion. It’s absorbed really fast and unlike most moisturisers, it’s actually non-greasy. (Shop it at Clicks or Dis-Chem)

2. Top fashion items every modern man should own?

  1. A stylish carry-all for all your items.
  2. A perfectly tailored suit or two.
  3. A standout timepiece.

3. Four must-have winter items every man should have in his wardrobe?

  1. A pair of gloves (R199, KWAY at Cape Union Mart)
  2. A pair of leather boots (R1 499, Tread + Miller)
  3. A trench or double-breasted coat (R1 899, Woolworths)
  4. A camo bomber jacket (R999.95, Edgars)

4. One thing every man’s wardrobe is not complete without?

A stylish briefcase/man-bag to keep your notebook and personal belongings close.

5. The most important style advice you were ever given?

Be your authentic self. We all have the permission to set our own trends and be unique.

6. The tell-tale sign that a man has great sense of style?

7. Your number one secret style tip?

Get your clothing tailored to fit your body perfectly. It costs next to nothing to take in a pair of pants.

8. Your top grooming secret?

Face masks are life-changing! And drink lots of water! What we put into our bodies has a huge effect on our skin… true story.

9. The fashion item or accessory that says ‘you’ve made it’…

A Dolce & Gabbana duffel bag and a Michael Kors watch. Yassss!

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