We all wear shirts. It’s one of fashions staple trends and is an absolute essential in every woman’s wardrobe.

Not only is the shirt your go-to item for weekend casual, but it’s the fashion girl’s work uniform — just add jeans, culottes, a pleated skirt, a backless loafer or a pair of sneakers and you’ve pretty much got an all-year-round capsule wardrobe.

Whether your shirts are classic and of the crisp white variety only, or a recent purchase sporting cuff details, stripes or frills, we have got the latest styling solutions that move beyond just ‘buttons done or undone’ to ensure you breathe new life into your old favourite.

We’ve taken inspiration from the Insta-elite fashion pack’s social accounts, who have been rethinking the classic shirt. Here are the 5 best styling tips for wearing your shirt the 2017 way…

1. The Under-Layer

As seen on local fashion blogger Aqeelah Harron’s Instagram account, this is a the perfect shirt update as the seasons change and a super easy way to get more wear out of your summer dresses.

2. The Half-Tuck or Tied Shirt

As seen on Gina Jeanz Instagram account. The half-tuck is the new cool hybrid between tucked in and out and the tied shirt-ends both add definition to your shape… drawing attention to your waist. Wear with a pair of high-waisted mom jeans for a super cool statement or with a pair of classic striped trousers that’s more resort wear inspired.

3. The Back-To-Front Trend

As seen on lifestyle influencer, Tara Johannisen’s Instagram account. Handy to know when you end up going out unexpectedly, and don’t have the chance to go home.

4. The Bow

As seen on Emma Jane Menteath’s Instagram account. Pioneered by Alexa Chung and taken over by the whole of the celebrity crowd, this easy trend takes the pussybow to a new level as you get to add this to any shirt. Just get a length of fabric, a scarf or even a ribbon and tie it around your shirt collar to give your shirt a sassy refresh.

5. The Clincher

As seen on fashion influencer, Palesa’s Instagram account. So fash. It’s the most on point update of the shirt-dress or longer length shirt… Corset belt it ladies.

Pictures via Instagram.com