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5 ways to instantly up your fashion game

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  JUL 23, 2018


Looking amazing and super cool is not as difficult (or expensive) as you think.  Just follow our five styling tricks below and you'll be slaying every OOTD.

Don't you envy most fashion bloggers who seem to have an unlimited amount of super-cool fashion looks in their wardrobes? Well, the truth is they don't all actually. they just make the right tweaks to their outfits so that they look different from how they wore it before. By simply putting items together that you never thought would go, you can actually create totally fresh, next-level looks. And you don't need a stylist to do it, just follow our easy tips!

1. Tie it

Up-style your button-down shirt or oversized t-shirt in an instant with a simple knot!

The midi skirt (whether pleated, printed or voluminous) is here to stay for a while. Teamed with that plaid shirt, that's already in your cupboard, will make your look go from fine to fab, but by simply tying your plaid shirt in the middle, it will reach a new fashion status.  Knotting your shirt in at the waist will show off rather than hide your shape and give you a more polished look. If you don't want to show off any skin, or if it's chilly out, just layer a polo neck underneath.

How to making the perfect tie? Undo the bottom three buttons and tie the bottom of the shirttails into a knot. Tighten so the knot hits just above your belly button and knot again.

2. Roll it

Want an instant update to almost everything in your wardrobe? Just roll your long-sleeved shirts, the arms on your t-shirts, the cuffs of your shorts and most definitely your denim jeans. 

Denim jeans, your go-to fashion staple, can get an instant upgrade by cuffing the ankles. It's a subtle style trick that freshens up an outfit you've worn a million times. Not to mention, it's a low-key way to show off your amazing footwear. The key is to choose the right technique based on the style you're wearing:

Wearing skinny jeans? Cuffing on skinny jeans looks best on the smaller side, because they keep the streamlined look of the fitted pants. Make the cuffs about a half-inch wide and only roll them twice.

Wearing boyfriend jeans? When it comes to these baggier denims, it's less about cuffing and more about rolling. You want to keep the casual vibe of the jeans, and this looser, bulkier fabric works well with a messier cuff. Roll your jeans about three times with 1-inch cuffs. Don't press down on the cuffs to make a crease. Instead, go for a cylindrical shape like a roll. Mess the cuff up when you're finished so it doesn't look too perfect.

3. Cinch it

Layering is an easy way to look on-trend and it's the perfect solution to beating the winter chills. But, when you have a bunch of different layers on, the finished product can end up looking a little bulky and random. 

The solution is to cinch it all in with a belt! A belt will pull the whole look together, especially when the belt colour matches your bag and or shoe colour, and it carves out your figure under all those clothes, so all those layers don't swallow you up.

How to layer perfectly?

Step 1: Start by layering a thin, long-sleeved top or knit under a sleeveless dress.

Step 2: Wear a button-down shirt on top (denim is fab).

Step 3: Add a furry vest.

Step 4: Pull it all together with a belt. You're welcome!

4. Stack it

One ring is fine... eight is super cool. But, how do you make different sizes and styles of rings look cool and edgy and not like you're a kid who raided her mom's jewellery box?

It's all about the placement and how you stack the different styles.

How to wear and pair different rings?

Step 1: Start with your biggest, boldest ring on your index finger.

Step 2: Layer smaller styles on your ring finger. A mix of regular rings and midi styles will give you that cool layered look.

Step 3: Finish by stacking two to three midi rings on your middle finger for contrast. Styling!

5. Knot it

The over-sized tee (whether yours or bae's) is very on trend, but they can also go from breezy to sloppy.  Upgrade this tee with a side-knot and you'll instantly highlight both your killer shape and your cute skirt or wide-legged pants.

How to make the perfect knot:

Step 1: To get a polished knot.

Step 2: Pull the excess bottom material to one side creating a tail.

Step 3: Twist the tail and knot it. 

Step 4: Tug on the knot to tighten.

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