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There are many things that make you, you. Like a signature scent! It forms a huge part of your self-expression and affects how you show up in the world and how people remember you. 

For many, it’s often a challenging experience to find a signature scent because, honestly, there are so many perfumes available on the market. Have you ever walked into perfume shops only to find hundreds of perfumes presented before you? It becomes so overwhelming that you don’t even know where to start exploring and end up avoiding the process altogether? You’re not alone. When you search online, you’re inundated with lists of the best new fragrances for him or the top 5 fragrances for her, which ends up confusing you even further.

In this article, we’ll provide a guide on how to find a scent that suits you and your personality. A scent that people will remember you by. We’ll list perfume shops in Canal Walk Shopping Centre located in Cape Town you can visit to kick-start your journey. 


There are five types of scents, each with its own unique personality. Finding a suitable one for you starts with knowing what type of scent you like. 

  • Oriental scents – these are typically heavy and rich with a mixture of musk, cinnamon and amber.
  • Woody and earthy scents  – these are warm and strong, featuring a mix of spices and sandalwood. 
  • Sweet and sugary scents – these smell like sweet food such as candy, fruits, and caramel.
  • Fruity floral scents – these smell like a combination of fruit and flowers such as jasmine, orange and mango.
  • Fresh scents  – also called “clean” scents; they’re cool, light and smell like you just stepped out of a shower. Typically with citrus, cool vanilla and cucumber notes.

Some fragrances have a combination of different scents. Now that you know the type of available scents, you can start to narrow them down according to a smell you like. If you’re unsure, try all of these scents until you know your taste. But remember that you can only try three at a time. Use a blotter instead of spraying on the skin and sniffing. Try to understand what scents you’re smelling using the information above.

Now, which fragrance outlet to visit to start your journey?


Clicks is one of the leading beauty and health stores in South Africa. You’ll find a wide selection of different fragrances with various scents. On your visit to Clicks at Canal Walk, go straight to the fragrance aisle and start testing out fragrances using the above advice. 


Dis-Chem is a retail pharmacy with a wide range of medication, health care, and beauty products, including fragrances. At this store, you’ll find sought-after brands such as Versace, with a combination scent fragrance like the fresh, oriental, and woody Versace Eros or the oriental scented Montblanc Signature. 


Edgars is a leading fashion and beauty store where you can find your perfect match. If you’ve decided that you’re into floral scents, you’ll love the Elie Saab Girl Of Now fragrance for her. Or Jimmy Choo’s woody Urban Hero fragrance for him. There’s plenty more in-store to explore. Head on over to Edgars in Canal Walk today!


Foschini retail store houses a selection of fragrances, including gift sets you can treat yourself to once you find your signature scent. In their stock, you’ll find the Lenthéric I Love Tropical fragrance for her with an oriental scent, and you’ll also find a floral-scented Micheal Kors Gorgeous fragrance for her. Alternatively, you can try out the fresh-scented Azzaro Chrome Intense fragrance for him. Stop by for even more options.


Jo Malone who started the eponymous label, Jo Malone, is known for layering different scents to create a custom scent unique to her. She started her fragrance brand to help many do the same. When you visit Jo Malone in Canal Walk, you’ll be presented with fragrances departmentalised according to their scents, and you can try out three different ones as you figure out which one is suitable for you. 


Truworths is known for an adventurous blend of colour in fabrics for their clothing. But they’re also known for their adventurous selection of fragrances, such as their very own women’s Intrigue Summer Bloom with a blend of woody, floral and fresh scents or the men’s fresh scented Hemisphere Urban Legend Perfume. Head over to Truworths to give these a whiff, and don’t be afraid to try out two more scents before you make a decision. 


Woolworths, affectionately known as Woolies, is the home of food and groceries, home décor, and on-trend fashion, accessories, and beauty products. You’re guaranteed to find a high-end or designer perfume for her, perfume for him, or a unisex perfume with a scent that matches your personality. Visit Woolies today to try out a few scents!


We hope that the information above will help you find a signature scent you’ll enjoy and elicit the kind of reactions you want when walking into a room. Waste no time and visit Canal Walk today. Happy scent shopping!

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