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Are you sitting with old furniture, outdated décor, and mismatching colour schemes in your living room? Well, then it’s about time to change up your décor! Follow our top 4 tips to help you decorate your lounge in no time at all with items from our favourite home décor stores in Cape Town, right here at Canal Walk. Organise your shelves, add a few decorative elements, and turn your living room into the ultimate comfort zone.

Top Tip #1: Storage and Shelves

Not only are shelves a great way to organise your belongings, but they can also be used to turn your clutter into decorative display items. If you take a look at stores such as Mr Price Home and @homelivingspace, you are sure to find a range of shelves to suit your colour palette. Get a loft bookshelf from @homelivingspace, which gives you the opportunity to play with angles and proportions of your belongings.

Or consider a ladder shelf from Mr Price Home for smaller rooms. That way, you can efficiently organise your belongings on a beautiful shelf without taking up too much space. To decorate your shelf, stack a handful of magazines or books on either side with the spines facing you, and accentuate them with a small plant on the opposite side.

Purchase a few small vases in white, and make sure to have at least one in a neutral colour that complements the colour scheme of the room. If there are certain items you wish to hide away, opt for a utility basket, and finish off your shelves with frames, books, a bowl, and a few extra plants.

Top Tip #2: Wood and Metallic Accents

Homeowners are going crazy over all the new trends they can follow when decorating their homes. The latest obsession includes copper and gold metallic accents to give any room a bit of sophisticated sparkle. Redesign your living room with wooden furniture and accentuating metallic standing lamps, side tables, or mirrors.

We suggest purchasing a rose gold, honeycomb side table from Mr Price Home to place next to a neutral coloured sofa. For darker shaded rooms, you might wish to opt for gold accents instead. Browse through items from Home etc to place on your side table as they have an amazing selection of decorative merchandise. Pieces such as a coaster, a small cactus, a white candle, or all of the above are perfect additions to finish off your design.

And we can’t forget to complement your metallic items with a wooden coffee table. Oftentimes, it is best to invest in round tables to avoid people hurting themselves by walking into them, and they are simply aesthetically pleasing in smaller rooms. For more spacious rooms, find a large rustic table that sits lower to the ground in a medium-dark toned wood, such as mahogany.

Top Tip #3: Seating Layouts 

While it’s very important to decide which colour you’d like your next sofa to be, you also need to decide which seating layout would work best for your space and requirements. There are so many options you can choose from when it comes to sofas, couches, ottomans, and other relative furniture.

@homelivingspace is the ultimate home décor store when shopping for these items. Decide between one large L-shaped sofa to hug the perimeter of your living room space, or go for a two-seater, and pair it with one or two single seaters. Ensure the colours you select complement the wall paint and pull the entire room together, instead of making the room look like one big distraction.

Top Tip #4: Rugs and Scatters

Rugs and scatter cushions are fantastic items to use when solidifying the entire design of your living room. Adding these elements to your lounge add both warmth and feelings of comfort, all the while contributing to the overall look and feel you’re going for. Home décor stores such as Sheet Street have some amazing scatter cushions, and we definitely suggest stopping off at Mr Price Home for a brand new rug.

Before you buy your next rug, you’ll need to consider a few aspects that will alter the way you make your decision. For instance, bigger rugs are always better. The size of the rug you purchase will depend on the layout and the shape of your living room. You want to be able to place all of your furniture on your rug, even partially, as it’s a great way to unify your décor.

In addition, colour and printed rugs, such as Persian carpets, are often better as they are easier to clean and prove to be a lot more durable.

There are also a number of things you must understand before purchasing scatter cushions. They are best used to aesthetically improve the look of your sofa, so you’ll need to know how to use them correctly. First, you should never buy scatter cushions that are the same colour as your sofa, instead, they should cohere with other accents in the room.

You should also buy cushions that are different in shape and size as it adds to the overall texture of the space. And finally, if you’re going for a more sophisticated overall look, you should buy an even number of cushions. On the other hand, for a more diverse room design, you can purchase five scatter cushions in different patterns, but still ensure they have harmonising factors.

It’s normal to want to change up your style every once in a while. When you see the same space on a daily basis, sometimes it’s easy to become tired of the same old thing. With our top tips, you can turn your lounge into a relaxing space that you can be proud of.

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