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Create a fitness training schedule

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  JAN 10, 2020


Create a training schedule for your new fitness routine

Cycling season is fast approaching, and all the big cycling events are already set to go. This means if you haven’t started training, or you were half training, it’s time to take it more seriously. The only way to ensure that you don’t slack or fall behind is to create a training schedule tailored specifically for you. 

The major determiners of the right fitness routine or training for you include your fitness level, physical restrictions, and goals. As a beginner cyclist, you have to design your goals early so you can avoid being overwhelmed when it is time to get on the road and start the training. 

If you are serious about your new fitness routine, you’ll have to follow a structured training programme. Having your goals written down will help you to design a practical training routine that will keep you motivated. Pro cyclist and four-time World Time Trial Champion, Fabian Cancellara once said, “It is exactly the unattainability which differentiates a dream from a goal: goals are reachable when you fight for them. Dreams are not. Athletes shouldn’t dream but set goals for themselves and fight for them.”

So, setting your goals will be beneficial to you in many ways, particularly the motivation part. And, the more you follow the programme, the faster it will become a routine. Once you have a routine going, you’re more likely to see results much quicker than you would if you were just winging it. Routines also help you with focusing, time management and discipline. 

Perfecting your schedule

There are a few factors you can take into consideration when trying to draw up a training plan; these include time management, organisation, testing and progression measurement. To ensure that your schedule is feasible, you have to strategise exactly how much time you’ll need to be on the training, and at what time on what days you’ll be training. When you know all of these, you’ll be able to organise yourself. Once these schedules become a habit, you can test your levels and measure how ready you are for the upcoming big cycling event. 

Now that you know how to plan your schedule, we’ve decided to help you even further by drawing up a list of stationery stores in Cape Town, where you can find all the tools and resources you’ll need.


This store has the best range of stationery, arts and crafts, DIY stuff that you’ll need to draw up your training schedule. Under the Cotton On Group, Typo has a desk life section where you’ll find everything from tape, stamp it set, metal stickers, activity journals, sketchbooks, highlighters, pens, pencils, staplers, A1 hanging calendars and more.

Mr Price Home

Sister store of Mr Price Clothing, Mr Price Home doesn’t only have homeware or furniture things, they also have desk accessories that you can use. From white paper to colour papers, pens, markers, and so much more. This store is where stationery, arts and crafts, and decor dreams come true. 


South Africa’s largest electronics and gadget’s store, Game has a wide variety of DIY tools and stationeries you can buy in bulk. You can find letter trays, draw system trays, stationery packs, rulers and holders. 

Final Thoughts

It may sound a lot easier to just create a training schedule off of an online template but creating a DIY version will be more effective because when you put something up your wall, you get to see it every day. That will keep you motivated and hold you accountable, unlike when you have it on your laptop or phone, chances are you’re not going to feel inclined to open the schedule if you’re not feeling up to the task. 

You can try to make a schedule of your fun activities; that way you will enjoy it and be more thoughtful with your timing and plans. Typo, Game, Mr Price Home and CNA are all leading stationery stores with several tools and resources you can use to create your training schedule. Just remember to be realistic about what you can do and can’t do. 

Visit these stores in Canal Walk to kick start your journey into becoming a pro cyclist.

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