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Tips for choosing the right athletic shoes for summer

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  NOV 13, 2019


Some of us who are less enthusiastic about peeling off the blankets for winter workouts are finding our rhythm now in summer. There’s no shame in admitting that; although the people who started in winter are a little ahead of us. The truth is, we’ll also reap the benefits just the same. 

Perhaps not at the same time, but what’s important for all of us is to remember is that we’re doing it for the benefit of our health. It’s equally important to have the right work out tools and gear so we can try our best to avoid injuries. Starting with trainers, running shoes or athletic shoes, whichever term tickles your fancy. Athletic shoes for running, or any exercise in winter, can not be the same as the ones you use in summer. The reason here is obvious: in summer, the temperatures are higher than in winter, so your shoes should cater to your summer needs. They need to be soft, lightweight and offer room for your feet to breathe. You also need to think about the support system you need to get from your athletic shoe. Luckily, these sneaker stores in Cape Town offer top of the range athletic shoes. 


Leading sportswear brand, adidas, offers people of all ages and fitness levels a wide selection of athletic shoes to meet whatever the workout requires. Ranging from running, cross-training, tennis, outdoor or other sports activities, adidas has you covered. Both women and men can search for a preferred shoe from their Terex range, created for outdoor adventures such as hiking. These are lightweight, durable with GORE-TEX lining for waterproof and breathable performance. There’s also a wide variety of pure boost athletic shoes made for running and cross-training. At adidas, you’re spoilt for choice, and if you’re unsure, you can always speak to any of their shop assistants. 


With all the new and advanced athletic shoes coming out each season, it’s never been more confusing to choose. But when you know what kind of exercise you enjoy, it narrows down your search. Luckily, Reebok keeps up with summer trends by stocking their exclusive Nano range. It comes in different shades of bright cyan, rose gold, and orange and designed for crossfit workouts, cardio, and lifting sessions for both men and women. Visit Reebok to browse their current summer shoe range. 


Spotted by our favourite athletes and ‘fitfluencers’, Nike shoes are exactly what you need for summer workouts. The Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2 is a combination of function, fashion and fun. They light up in eye-catching colour design and graphics inspired by China’s Shanghai City. Better known as the city of speed, the Pegasus shoe has a feather-light upper and translucent features to make the shoe breathable. Women have five colour choices; from the trendy electric green, pink blast, lavender, atmosphere grey and ocean blue. Men, on the other hand, only have metallic gold and white to choose from.

New Balance

New Balance helps you bring your A-game on whatever sporting activity you’re planning to do this summer. Their women’s Hard Court shoes are updated with an outsole pattern to help you maximise your performance. They come in pink and orange hues. 

The Men’s Fresh Foam Kaymin Trail v2 is fresh, funky and a multipurpose shoe that can be worn for running and trail adventures. It’s built with a cushioning and lightweight feel to help you perform at your best.


While it’s more tempting to grab a pair from the Puma Icon collection, since all our faves are donning them everywhere, you should remind yourself that you’re buying the shoes for fitness performance. Puma has a wide variety of shoes that combine practicality with style such as the versatile Hybrid Fuego, which recently made a big return in stores in time for summer. 

It’s designed with two of Puma’s innovative technologies, the IGNITE foam and NRGY beads for faster responsiveness. They’re comfortable and come in various colours for both men and women. Your street game will never be the same again. 

Final Thoughts

Summer calls for athletic shoes that offer more than just performance; they have to provide practicality too. The sneaker shops in Cape Town offer a bomb selection of athletic shoes to choose from. Be it ultra comfort, ultra boost or ultra breathability, all these factors have been taken into consideration for this season’s athletic shoe game. 

Whether you’re a Puma, Nike, New Balance, Reebok or adidas fan, there’s something for you in each of these stores. What makes them more appealing is the fact that they’re trendy, colourful and serve more than one purpose. Thanks to the rise of athleisure, you can sport any of these as daily sneakers and pair with your own interpretation of street style. 

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