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Chilly nights are here & it's time to care for your coats!

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  FEB 24, 2020


The season some people love to hate and hate to love is fast approaching. And, what better way to keep warm than with a coat. These items are not only stylish, but they get the job done when you need to stay warm. 

Good quality coats can be costly, so you need to ensure you take good care of them. So, if you're looking for a new coat for this winter, Canal Walk has a wide selection of men’s coats and women’s coats that will turn heads this season. 

Now, before you head on over to our stores, you must know how to look after your coat. So, read the article below to get all the tips and tricks to ensure you revive all your old coats and keep your new ones in optimal condition. 

Clean your coats properly

Now, the first crucial step in reviving and maintaining the structure of your coat is to wash it correctly. The first thing you need to do, especially when washing a coat, is to read the label. Yes, this may seem obvious, but it's so obvious that it's easy for anyone to overlook this crucial step. Now, this may be okay for a few items of clothing, but when it comes to coats and jackets, it's different. The way you wash your coat can either ruin the texture or structure of your jacket. And, you know how heartbreaking it is when you ruin an item of clothing. 

With that being said, make sure you read the label. And if you’re unsure, it's best to dry clean your winter coat at a trusted laundromat. 

Hang it like it matters

Unlike t-shirts or trousers that can be hanged multiple ways you must hang your coats well. Woolworths has durable, high-quality hangers that will ensure your jackets and coats not only hang perfectly in your closet but also keep its structure. When purchasing hangers, the ideal choice is wooden hangers, as coats are heavy and tend to way down on metal hangers. 

Lastly, allow your coats the chance to breathe. Yes, it’s understandable that you may have a coat that goes with everything in your closet. But, if you wear the same coat every day, you won’t have the chance to remove any smells or dissipate wrinkles. A coat needs at least 24 hours for it to go back into shape. So, always try to have more than one favourite coat. 

Regularly brush your coats

To revive and take care of your coat, you need to brush it regularly with a lint roller. At Canal Walk, you can find several stores that stock lint rollers like, Game. Having a lint roller will help you ensure your coat looks neat, has no small stains or fluff, without having to wash it unnecessarily. So, make sure you purchase a lint roller and give your coat a brush after it's been washed, and before you wear it. This is also ideal for pet owners, allowing you to wear your favourite coat and still give your furry friend a warm hug when you arrive home.

Use a steamer when coats are wrinkled

Apart from unwrinkling your coat, a steamer has a lot of benefits. It helps to preserve your coat, remove small stains, kill odour and reduce allergens. And, you don't need to go to the dry cleaner because Clicks sells hand-held steamers. So, go get your own and enjoy a wrinkle-free coat all winter.

Always empty your pockets

The pocket is one of the world’s greatest inventions. It allows us to carry all our small yet valuable possessions and keep our hands warm during winter. But, as amazing as it is, you need to empty your pockets. Apart from ruining your coat, should your pocket filled with receipts and tissues come into contact with water, it alters the shape of your coat. So, to avoid your coat looking a little saggy, make sure you empty your pockets after usage. 

But, what you can keep inside your pockets when you want to freshen things up is a fragrance pouch. This ensures your coats stay smelling fresh. You can find affordable fragrance punches at Mr Price Home. They’re available in various scents so you’re guaranteed to find one that you’ll love. 

Final Thoughts

Looking after your clothes is important, especially coats. This not only helps them last longer but because coats never go out of style, taking care of them will also help you save money in the long run. This will allow you to purchase a new coat not because you have to but because you want to. So, whether you want to purchase a new coat or simply take care of your existing collection we at Canal Walk have got you covered. Visit our stores to find what you need. 

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