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Build Your Study Or Work Station With Stationery

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  DEC 20, 2022


Nothing beats that new journal smell or a new pen gliding smoothly across some fresh Post-It notes. Whatever your favourite part of a new stationery, the following article will give you tips, tricks, hacks, and plug you onto the right stores to give your study or workstation the boost it deserves. 

Pens, Pads, and Journals 

Whether you are into themed stationery or want the simple things, Typo in Canal Walk Shopping Centre is your one-stop shop for all things stationery. Having been famous for their ability to keep up with trends and pop culture, Typo has lots of range. Staunch Harry Potter, FRIENDS, and some other famous screenplay fans can enjoy an abundance of supplies to choose from. We are talking scarves, bowls, phone cases, pens, journals, tote bags, and much more. You have the potential to own an entire stationery set based on your favourite show if Typo stocks it, so come to Canal Walk and make studying great. 

Back To Stationery On A Budget 

If it is time for you to get new stationery for the little ones or you need office supplies, you might be looking at buying in large quantities. With Canal Walk’s PnA, you can get stationery and office supplies that won’t be heavy on your or the office’s petty cash budget. You can get pens, exam pads, charts, and even wrapping papers, gift bags, rulers and protractors, staplers and punches, and so much more. Make sure your team, whether big or small, young or grown, gets the best stationery to complete their tasks and homework. 

Now, For The Uniform Wearers 

Back-to-school/work season is also an opportunity for parents to buy new school uniforms to ensure the little ones look sharp when heading to school. With Woolworths, Pep, Mr Price, Jet and Ackermans by your side, you will find shirts, school trousers and skirts, drymacs, socks, school shoes, and more. Visit Canal Walk and make your school re-up run a money-saving one. 

How To Get The Little Ones Excited For School

When it is time to head back to school or the office, especially after having done it remotely for almost two years, it can be a bit nerve-wracking for some. Ensure your child is feeling safe and excited about back to school by doing the following: 

  • Involve them in the back-to-school shopping: This will not only ease your stress because the kids will be there to fit their own clothes and pick their own stationery, but it also helps form a trust between you and your kid(s) because they will feel valued that they are given the freedom to choose what they want for themselves. 
  • Re-decorate their homework space: We know homework is not their favourite thing to do, but you can make it fun. Help your kids get excited about doing their schoolwork by ensuring that there is a designated space just for them. Whether it’s a desk in their room or a special area in the living room, create a space that’s imaginative and reflective of their personality. During the pandemic, we were distance learning, and what was normally their workspace became their school desks. Now that they’ve been back to school, it’s a homework space again, and you can ensure it looks exciting and inspiring. 
  • Share your love for learning: Kids (especially little ones) love following examples. How many times have you told them, “do as I say and not as I do”? How many times has it worked? Exactly. It is important for your kid(s) to see you reading and enjoying learning so that they get inspired and motivated to do the same. 

Visit The Crazy Store in Canal Walk and shop some exciting decor to make sure their homework space is inviting and inspiring. 

Final Words

Whether you are fixing up your stationery supplies, or need to get the office some new stationery, or maybe the little ones are heading off to “big” school now, Canal Walk has the stores you will need to ensure you never run out of creative, practical, and affordable supplies. Visit one of the stationery shops Cape Town today.

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