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Bookshops at Canal Walk for the avid bookworm

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  MAY 15, 2019


For some, there’s nothing better than the smell of a new book or the look of a new addition to your already populated bookshelf. If you’ve worked your way through all of your favourite reads and you’re looking for another one to dive into, Canal Walk bookshops have shelves upon shelves of good books to suit any taste and any preference.

CUM Books

As a specialised Christian book store, CUM books has become a popular stop for lovers of religious literature. With the largest collection of books, CDs, music, and DVDs honouring the Christian lifestyle, you can find whatever you need to learn and find inspiration.

Browse their library of biblical fiction and non-fiction, English books, Afrikaans books and an assortment of religious resources that are relevant to you. CUM books were established by the NG-Kerk-boekhandel and soon enough found themselves retailing books in major shopping malls. Today, there are 40 branches countrywide that share the word of God. If this is the bookstore for you, get yourself down to our Canal Walk shop and explore what’s on offer.

Bargain Books

Book stores in Cape Town all have their unique selling point to give book fanatics something they can’t find at other libraries. With Bargain Books, you can walk out having received excellent service in the quest of a new read, and maybe a cool new gadget to go with it.

After having filtered through a collection of the latest books and innovative products, you are bound to race home to get started on your new purchase. It is no surprise that this bookstore now has 79 stores across 9 provinces, and has collected SA Bookseller of the Year awards five times since 2011.

Their extensive library has given them precedence in the industry with a selection of Afrikaans books, children’s books, and widely loved fiction books, novels, and short stories. Feed your inner bookworm today and explore the shelves of this premium bookstore.

Exclusive Books

The reason people have grown to love Exclusive Books is not only because of their book variety but also because of their knowledgeable staff that are just as passionate about books as you would expect. Inquire about any preference of genre, author, or give them a quick synopsis of what you like most, and they can swiftly whip up a selection of great books best suited to you.

Plus they have coffee! So, explore, find and enjoy your brand new book in the comfort of their store, all the while enjoying a hot cuppa and light snack. With the collaboration of passionate readers and the eclectic display of books, you can enjoy the exciting atmosphere of every bookworm’s safe haven.

As one of the largest bookshops to be found in South Africa, you can keep yourself occupied for hours with a vast assortment of fiction, non-fiction, self-help, biographies, and other books across any possible genre you could think of. Invest in a book for growing minds, or find yourself an award-winning novel. If you’re crazy about reading, Exclusive Books is the destination store for you.

Nothing quite compares to paging through a new book, getting lost in the storyline, and living in a world outside of reality. Bookshops in Cape Town, are like portals into other worlds, and Canal Walk has more than enough of them to suit every lover of literature.

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