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Bond with your mom this Mother's Day!

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  FEB 20, 2020


For most of their grown-up lives, mothers spend their time being there for their children. Whether it’s picking you up after a play date, hockey practice, or listening to you vent about study stress. They’ve always been there for you. 

So, Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to return the favour and treat your mom. This does not mean you should only bond with your mother once a year, but there is nothing wrong with doing something extra special. Now, you may not have money to take your mother on a dreamy trip to France, but there are many ways to celebrate Mother’s Day in South Africa. Like spending the day at Canal Walk. 

Well then, let’s get into everything you and your mom can do together this Mother’s Day. 

Watch a movie together

Now, if you’re both die-hard chick-flick fans, then visiting Nu Metro cinema in Cape Town should be on your to-do list for the day. And, remember that this is her special day, so give her the option of choosing the movie. This will also allow you to take a peek into her world and see what type of movies she likes. Who knows, she might enjoy action movies. Because in most cases, mothers are always allowing their children to choose which movie to watch, especially when you were younger. So, why not try and switch things up for a change. 

Have a coffee date

Everyone knows how fun coffee dates are, especially if you add some cake and the right company to the mix. And, what better company is there than your very first best friend; your mother. So, take your mom out on a date. Canal Walk has a variety of restaurants, so why not go and have a warm cup of coffee and a slice of delicious cake at a coffee shop in Cape Town like Tasha’s, we promise you won’t regret it. 

Enjoy a spa day

Now, everyone loves a good pamper package, and Sorbet has a lot to offer you and your mom this Mother’s Day. Booking your mom a massage might be one of the best Mother's Day gift ideas to give her. Because mothers are always out and about, taking care of others and making sure everyone is happy; sometimes they forget to pamper themselves. This can lead to high anxiety, stress and burnout. Refuelling the fire within her with aromatherapy is exactly what the doctor ordered. So, enjoy some time together and watch your mother relax while having a nice scrub, massage or facial. We know that by the time she's done, she will have her glow back; a glow you might have never seen before. And, we're certain she will feel the effort and thoughtfulness in this gesture. 

Treat her to a blow out

If you can see that your mom hasn’t gone to the hairdresser in a while, maybe the perfect gift is booking an appointment and allowing her to enjoy some hair spoils at a hairdresser in Cape Town like Carlton. Or have her try a new hairstyle; maybe a bob or new hair colour. Who knows, give her the opportunity to let loose; maybe your mom has an adventurous side to her that you’ve never seen. Plus, you’re an adult now so you can let her live just a little.

Go out for dinner

Nothing screams bonding more than sitting down for a delicious meal together. Whether you feel like having sushi or regular fish and chips, Ocean Basket has you covered. And, since your mom’s not cooking tonight, why not let her order whatever her heart desires, no matter the price. It is her special day after all. And, having a meal together where neither of you is cooking gives you the chance to talk and reconnect with each other. 

Especially now that you’re an adult. When you were younger, you always spent time together since you lived under the same roof. But, as you grow older, you have your own life to live which can make it harder for you to bond again. So, take a moment to relax, talk and have a nice meal together. 

Buy her a meaningful gift

Sometimes it’s not about what you give her but how it made her feel. So, why not buy her a meaningful gift that you know she will love. For example, if she’s been raving about a book series, why not spoil her and buy the follow on season at Bargain Books. Or, get her an exquisite piece of jewellery or accessory from one of our stores at Canal Walk. Either way, we’re guaranteed that she will love it. As long as it’s thoughtful, there is no way you can go wrong. 

Get yourselves a mani and pedi

If you and your mother enjoy getting your nails done, then look no further because Canal Walk has the best nail bars in Cape Town. Allow your mom the pleasure of being truly pampered with a good foot scrub and a vibrant fresh coat of nail polish. 

Final Thoughts

Moms deserve to be loved, but sometimes life gets busy and you don’t get a chance to spoil them throughout the year. But, let Mother’s Day be that one time where you commit to treating your mom. And trust us, the smile and adoration on her face when you make her feel special will be worth it. So, visit the Canal Walk shopping centre and spoil your mom to everything she deserves. 

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