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5 fun activities for school holidays

FAMILY  |  SEP 17, 2018


Your child has probably been looking forward to school holidays for ages. And now it's time to start planning fun activities for them to enjoy while on break from school. They've worked hard all year and now it's time for them to really let loose and spend their time doing the activities that bring a smile to their face. So, to help you plan ahead for the school holidays, here are some fun activities for children. 

Visit an Xtreme Movie Theatre 

This activity is definitely fun for the whole family. There is an Xtreme movie theatre in Canal Walk Shopping Centre. Watch the Nu Metro Movies you and your child have been looking forward to seeing together in an unusual and thrilling environment. How is it unusual and even more exciting than a regular cinema experience? Well, the screen is three-storeys high and there is 360-degree sound. It's the best way to watch the latest releases as they come out in South Africa. 

Let them create their own stuffed animal

If you have a young child who might not react too well to the Xtreme movie experience, then building their own teddy bear may be just right for them. The Build-A-Bear workshop allows your little one to choose the bear they've always wanted and then they can personalise it in any way they wish. It's a fun way to spend an afternoon and you'll love seeing your child smiling from ear to ear. You can find Build-a-Bear at Canal Walk.

Mini Makeover

If your child loves looking through your fashion magazines and loves dressing themselves, they'll love this activity. Take them to Canal Walk and let them lead the way through all the children's clothing stores. Create a budget and let them decide what clothes they want in their wardrobe. The super fun part, however, comes afterwards. When you get home, you can plan a photoshoot. You can set up a homemade set and even create some props for them to have fun with. And the best part is that you'll walk away with some amazing pictures to show all your Instagram followers.

Spend the afternoon playing arcade games

Wonderland has arcade games, X riders and prize machines for children of all ages. Purchase some tokens for both yourself and your little one and get started! You can compete on the kind of arcade games you remember from your childhood, race motorbikes and cars, and much more. There is so much to do that you won't run out of games to play. In fact, you may want to return the next day to try out some more.

Everybody needs to eat

Eating out can be difficult when you have children. But when you go to the right kid-friendly restaurant, it can be loads of fun. When you're looking for a place to eat, there are restaurants in Milnerton at Canal Walk Shopping Centre. There are many choices of restaurants where your child can have fun while you eat your favourite meal. You can do this after an afternoon of playing games or building bears. Or before you go to an Xtreme movie or start your mini makeover.  

Choose which of these activities suit you and your child and have a wonderful time together. Of course, you could always do them all! Whatever you decide to do, your little one will have a good time and be ready to take a nap and let you relax when you get home. It works out well for everyone involved and you'll likely have a blast as well.

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