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90s fashion tips and clothing stores for men

TIPS AND TRICKS  |  SEP 30, 2019


Fashion trends change overnight, but one thing’s for sure: the 90s are back. Influential designers are bringing the heat with our favourite old school trends. And, thankfully, these designs are well-suited for the men of today’s generation. 

If you’re unsure of how to dress according to this new (old) trend, we advise you to bring out your cargo pants and start colour blocking. Fashion-forward men should not refrain from embracing these trends for their own benefit. 

We advise that you toss out the same ol’ pair of sneakers, white tee and skinny trousers and try something new. Pair your favourite pair of denim jeans with a matching denim jacket – or better yet, with baggy pants or an overall. 

More and more clothing stores for men are starting to feature traditional 90s designs. And each style will make you look, and feel, like the trendiest 90s kid. So, visit these mens's clothing stores in Cape Town and find your unique style.

Mr Price

Ever wanted something specific but you’re not willing to spend a fortune on it? Go to Mr Price. This store is ultra-modern and stocks trends before they even become a “trend”. Mr Price is loved by customers across South Africa as it is a unique, affordable brand for stylish individuals. They update their shelves weekly, and they guarantee quality garments for the price you pay. So, if you’re looking to add a 90s-inspired outfit to your wardrobe, consider visiting Mr price. This brand encourages men of all sizes to visit the store and find a fit that complements their look. 


This Australia-born store is designed for confident men. Excelling in all things street style, you can almost guarantee that Factorie will have every 90s dream ready for you. Be it casual or formal; you can always find items that will add value to your day-to-day wardrobe as well as your office attire. Much like the 90s, Factorie follows an ethos that embraces the freedom of expression and creativity in their designs. So, explore your nearest Factorie store and find the bold statement pieces you need to add a quirky, trendy element to your new-found 90s style.


If you’re looking for the latest men’s fashion trends, you are bound to find them at Markham

This Canal Walk store is an urban, trendy haven for fashion-forward individuals. You can shop your heart out when you browse their extensive range of men’s clothing, footwear and accessories. For instance, you could pick up a pair of funky socks to wear with your white Nike sneakers. Or, you could invest in a quality utility jacket. Not only will this jacket keep you warm, but the pockets will enable you to carry each and every essential item around. 

Beyond the stylish items, you can also splurge on workplace attire. From t-shirts and button-down shirts to trousers, shoes and accessories, you will be able to find something for a casual and formal outfit or a snazzy night out. 


Edgars is one of those effortless men’s fashion stores. It’s a favourite for many teenagers, adults and middle-aged individuals who are looking for simplistic designs. With such a wide variety of well-priced items, you can step out in a stylish plain t-shirt or high-end fashion jacket. Dress up your wardrobe with sportswear, casual and formal items according to the 90s trends you like. You will find good value for money, and you will be blown away by the quality.


When it comes to simplistic style, Refinery is your go-to option. Their styles are limited, but their options are plenty. From shorts and tank tops to t-shirts, jackets, pants and shirts, this authentic, honest clothing store is designed to cater to the ultra-modern millennial and gen Z fashionista. Their fashion trends are incredibly appealing to this market, and the designs are typically neutral in colour. Visit this store to try something new and trendy today! 

Final Thoughts

Canal Walk truly has everything you could ever imagine when it comes to fashion. Their large variety will make shopping exciting, hassle-free and convenient for you and your friends. Whether you choose to visit the mall during the day or after work, their operating hours enable you to shop till you drop with plenty of time to spare! 

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