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5 Cruelty-free brands at Canal Walk

FASHION  |  JAN 17, 2020


Beauty consumers have become more aware of the roles that society plays on damaging the environment we live in. So much so, that they’ve called on cosmetics brands to take actionable steps to reduce the impact on the planet and focus on strategies that promote ethical practices. 

Many beauty brands, such as Inglot, Dermalogica and more, vowed to go green and use cruelty-free methods in their production processes. But, what does cruelty-free really mean? It simply means that the products manufactured are not developed using methods that involve cruelty to animals. For example, testing beauty products on animals to get insights on how they react to the products. 

Last year, the European Union Parliament urged for a worldwide ban on testing cosmetics on animals by 2023. Countries that took this rule and ran with it include Israel, Turkey, India, South Korea, and New Zealand. While other countries like Canada are still working on phasing out the use of cruel methods in the cosmetic industry, South Africa still hasn’t passed a bill to ban, even though animal rights organisation, Beauty Without Cruelty CBWC) has been actively trying to push the South African government to take action on this matter. 

According to BWC, the use of animals in cruel experiments on animals is unnecessary and ethically unacceptable when we live in a time where there are modern-day advanced technologies that are available and reliable. While we still wait for South Africa to heed the call to ban animal cruelty in cosmetics, there are a couple of cosmetics brands that have gone cruelty-free, eco-friendly, and vegan-friendly. 

We’ve compiled a list of these beauty stores in Cape Town, at Canal Walk. 

LUSH Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics is known for its animal rights activism. While not all of their products are not 100 percent organic, (they make use of ‘safe synthetics’) they do use natural ingredients on their products. The brand is a ‘Vegan Certified’ beauty brand that cares about the planet and animals. When you visit their store, search for the ‘V’ label on their products to be certain that whatever beauty products you are buying from them is animal-friendly and eco-friendly.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop prides itself in creating organic skincare and beauty products that are devoid of cruelty. On their website, they clearly assert themselves as a brand that is committed to enriching people and the planet we live in. Also,  they are 100 percent vegetarian and are firmly against animal testing. Their beauty products, such as the foundations and concealers, are vegan and enriched with organic aloe vera. 


Sorbet has become one of the major beauty therapy stores that offer beauty treatments and services like facials. The brand unveiled a skincare range called 365 Skin, with various skincare products such as toners, cleansers, makeup removes and more. These products are developed in Barcelona and produced in South Africa. The products are developed with natural ingredients.

Final Thoughts

The increase in animal rights awareness has led to the awareness of the largest cruelty-filled methods used in the developing stages of various cosmetic products in the beauty industry. Customers have, over the years, been calling on brands to take animal rights and the planet into serious consideration and change the ways in which they impact on the damage of these two aspects. 

A few giant companies followed through and started going green and animal-friendly. The above-mentioned beauty brands make the list of such companies. When you buy their products, you can find the vegan label or a bunny logo labels that indicate that the product is void of animal cruelty. 

Head on over to Canal Walk today to pick up a few of cruelty-free beauty products.

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